Mark A MacDonald wants to Widen Highway 138 – Releases Attack Video HD – August 15, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON –  Liberal candidate for SD&SG in the upcoming Ontario Provincial election came out fighting today with a video released on You Tube.   Pillar one focuses on the widening of Highway 138 which is the major artery between Cornwall and Ottawa that has seen its fair share of traffic fatalities over the years.

“Like Jim Brownell before me, it’s important to fight for local issues and today I am announcing that the infrastructure spending must continue with upgrades to Highway #138 and also Nick Kaneb Drive from Second St. to Montreal Rd.”, MacDonald stated.

“The fact is that the PC’s voted against our hospitals, health centres and sports facilities and they would vote against the upgrade to a much needed four lane’s on Highway #138”, MacDonald said.

“Extending Nick Kaneb Drive through to Montreal Road will open up all kinds of development for the east end of Cornwall and it would also encourage growth in the Le Village area”, he went on to say.

“The Ontario economy is strong and we must stay on track, is the message I am hearing and it’s coming in loud and clear when you look at the economic situations that are happening all around us”, MacDonald said in closing.


What do you think?  Is the expansion of Highway 138 an issue for the election in this riding?  You can post your comments below.

James Moak


  1. Can Mark MacDonald explain/justify why the McGuinty Liberals are being so fiscally irresponsible with Taxpayer dollars when there is a multi-billion dollar deficit?

    There`s millions of dollars being wasted each year on ineffective,unnecessary Legislation that could be going to Infrastructure(such as Hwy 138),Hospitals,Education,Seniors,Children etc.

    There`s a saying…”Take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves or in the case of the McGuinty Liberals….”Take care of the millions and the billions will take care of themselves”

    Can Premier McGuinty and the Liberals be selectively responsible with tax dollars and selectively honest with Ontarians?

    We don`t think so.
    This is not an appropriate use of your tax dollars.

  2. What Mark MacDonald says about Jim Brownell and the Liberal Government coming through for SDSG is justified by fact and spot on. No amount of PC spin can suggest otherwise.

  3. Yes PJR, justified and paid for by us! We had no choice!

  4. So, CC, like a good regressive, you would undo the hospital and infrastructure upgrades achieved through our taxes in our riding over the last eight years? And expect us to live tax free while the PCs wave a wand for improvements and progress?

  5. I have to agree with Mark on the road development on both 138 and Nick Kaneb. It is a clear development area and we need it to give Cornwall the critical mass to be the great city that it is destined to become.

    As for McGuinty, I am really proud of the work he has done in supporting healthcare, education, clean and sustainable energy (no blackouts Mr. Baird).

  6. Jamie I guess McGuinty doesn’t support mental health….

  7. Don’t worry Harry, unlike the Con-cons you don’t need a liberal party membership to get help.

  8. Well, he is out standing in the field…and near the graves of Simon Frasier and our first Premier, John Sandfield MacDonald.

    I will not be bribed by own money, at least not untill the debt is gone!

  9. Look, I’m already bored with the campaign. Listen, MacDonald here’s the question. Do you think that 10,000 people from SD&G should go into prison for using marijuana or do you think prohibition should come to an end so people could grow it for the same price as their tomatoes? Which do you think will impact SD&G more, a wider road or ten thousand marijuana users being hunted like dogs? Do you think this will be a peaceful and positive activity? Are you very happy that the Harper crime bill will send so many of your constituents to jail? Can people vote for you from jail? Do you feel zero responsibility?

  10. Rainmaker… do the crime….you do the time!

  11. @NCM Ordinary neighbourhood Buddy does the time. Buddy gets punished like a face being ground into the dirt. Buddy internalizes anger. Buddy comes out someday. Will angry, prison educated Buddy be your best friend or catch you in the dark by surprise? He didn’t fall off the moon. We all do the time. Buddy will decide.

  12. Canada has some serious catching up to do if we want to get our incarceration rate up to US gold-medal standard. Our new Steve Harper Government has four years to reverse our dismal record and make us proud.
    If every dope smoker in Canada was arrested, charged, convicted and locked up, we’d have about five or six million degenerates off the streets, and we could truly “own the podium” on the world stage.

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