Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – Green Drinks and Good Times! August 16, 2011

CFN –Have you ever heard of an organization called Green Drinks?  I attended my first gathering this past week in my community.  There are local groups from Argentina to Zambia.  The driving force behind these meetings is people’s passion and concern for our environment and sustainability.  Everyone who works or has an interest in an environmental field (this being a very broad field) is invited to connect with like minded individuals.  Meetings are held on a monthly basis.  Meetings are open to all and all are welcome.
It’s an evening to catch up with old friends and acquaintances and make new connections.  People are encouraged to invite someone along so there are always new faces, making Green Drinks an “organic, self-organizing network.The Green Drinks evening I attended gave me the opportunity to meet with and share with people I hadn’t seen in some time and the opportunity to meet some new interesting people.  I was also given the opportunity to experience a new restaurant/pub (The Glengarrian) in my area that I had not visited before.
Our hosts were welcoming and I found another place to get some great fish and chips. The event was very simple and unstructured while offering possibility for developing new ideas, community initiatives, new friends and possible work collaborations in an area that the attendees have a passion for.   More information about groups in your country or city can be found at If there is not a Green Drinks in your vicinity you may wish to set up a group near you.  Information on how to accomplish this can be obtained on the .org site.

There are simple codes to follow when setting up a group as they (Green Drinks) wish to insure the groups are inclusive.  Regular attendees are encouraged to welcome and introduce themselves to new individuals.  All in attendance are encouraged to meet and share some time with new people.  This is a wonderful opportunity to debate a topic you may already be familiar with and to learn new views and news on that topic and many others. The meeting I attended meets at a fixed date and venue in the month making it easy to relay to the meeting information to interested parties.  This however is left to the discretion of each group.

Green Drinks are Agenda Free.  These organizations do not lobby or take any position on an environmental topic.  Meetings are not a channel to circulate announcements about environmental issues.  Most attendees already receive such information from many other sources.  Green Drinks encourages a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  Check out a “Green Drinks” near you.  Meeting information is accessible at   One of the things that I appreciate about this very informal, welcoming, “no-membership required” group is that I could attend such meeting on travels across the country or continent.  Think of the possibilities.

Keeping Cool Tips

We have had very hot humid temperatures across Canada this summer, records have been broken.  Here is a little information to help you stay cool in your un-air-conditioned space.  Close your blinds/curtains during the heat of the day.  This will block the heat and retain your coolness indoors.  Turn off the lights.  Psychologically it just feels cooler when you are in a less bright space.  You know those freezer packs that you keep in the freezer when you have sore muscles?  When you are just sitting and sweating through the heat of the day, try a pack on your neck or other pulse areas such as your wrists, feet or back of the knees.  If it is a packet that is in plastic, be sure to wrap the frozen item in a towel so that you do not freezer burn your skin.  I have heard but not tried that a bowl filled with ice cubes in front of a fan will actually supply you with nice cool air.  Personally I try to stay away from stove cooked meals and indulge in raw foods such as salads, canned fish and fruit and preferably at room temperature so my body isn’t working overtime to heat up the cold calories in my body.
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