How Will Your Party Maintain Healthcare While Trying to Manage the Provincial Budget? SD&SG All Candidates Debate HD VIDEO

Cornwall ON –  We continue with our All Candidates debate for the upcoming Ontario Provincial elections in October to succeed retiring MPP Jim Brownell .   Remember you can click to HD and watch full screen for your full enjoyment of this segment of the debates and all of our videos!

In this installment the question asked is:

How Will Your Party Maintain Healthcare While Trying to Manage the Provincial Budget?


To view the candidates opening statements click HERE.

What would you and your party do to help Small Business in SD&SG?

What would be the most effective way to create jobs and/or stimulate the economy? 

Many small towns and cities are aging with young people moving away to go to school or get more access to jobs.  In this riding this is an issue.  What would you as MPP do to help combat that?

What is the number one issue for you as a candidate personally? And why should the voters of SD&SG give you their trust and vote in October?

Stay tuned for the two remaining questions and closing statements from Mark A MacDonald, Jim McDonell, and Elaine MacDonald as they vie for your vote to replace Jim Brownell in the October Provincial election!


  1. Over 7 minutes of talking and nobody said anything that actually had anything to do with improving the health of our citizens. Reactively treating diseases leads to a decrease in health which leads to more and more treatments. The approach of all three parties will continue to lead us into a less effective and more expensive system. Unfortunate to the many who will suffer greatly it is becoming more apparent that the only way the “healthcare,” system will ever change in a significant way will be for it to completely fall apart (likely due to economics) so that something better can rise from its ashes.

  2. The man in the middle still reading his comments–tsk, tsk–and occupying more than his space at the table. What does that tell you?

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