Liberal Mark MacDonald Condemns PC Downloading Scheme Hudak Plans More Downloads, Forcing Property Tax Hikes – Aug 23, 2011

SD&SG ON – Liberal Candidate Mark A. MacDonald is condemning the latest Hudak PC downloading scheme that will put millions of dollars a year in extra costs onto property taxes.


Hudak’s platform calls for downloading the cost of disposing toxic and hazardous waste like used tires, old paint and electronics, onto the backs of municipalities – a $300 million addition to the property taxes paid by Ontario families and seniors.


Hudak’s scheme will also force local municipalities to take on unpaid hydro debt and pay for it through property taxes.


With a $14 Billion hole in their election platform, the PCs will be looking for other important services to download onto property taxes, just like Tim Hudak did with Mike Harris the last time they had the chance.


In contrast, Ontario Liberals have been partnering with municipalities to upload provincial costs and take pressure off property taxes. In Stormont – Dundas – South Glengarry over $14 billion dollars will have been removed from property taxes when uploading is complete 2018.


“I remember, the people remember and so does my PC opponent Jim McDonell, as Council members we dealt with this issue in the past.  The PCs are up to their same old tricks that will mean cuts to our schools and hospitals and higher property taxes.”

          -Mark A. MacDonald, Liberal Candidate, Stormont, Dundas, South Glengarry



      Ontario Liberals have already uploaded 75% of the cost of public health costs from municipalities

      In 2018, the Liberal government will have uploaded $2.5 Billion of costs from Ontario cities, taking that burden off property taxes

      Other costs being uploaded or shared include ambulance costs and the administration of social assistance and supports for people with disabilities

 James Moak





  1. Maybe we should start uploading our grass cutting bills to the municipalities along with our fees for removing the snow on city property, namely the boulevards that we residents have to maintain.

  2. Hudak strikes me as a total lightweight, with nothing to offer Ontarians.

  3. Furtz, the Liberals have been in power since Mike Harris departed. If, as you say, “The damage that Mike Harris inflicted is much too slowly being repaired” then you will have to admit that the Liberals are a slow-moving bunch when it comes to getting anything done. They are NOT slow when it comes to separating us from our money! I think the Conservatives will get things going again!

  4. Well Stan, now you are admitting that Mike Harris did an incredible amount of damage to Ontario that even the Liberals could not easily fix. Why would we want the conservatives back in power? To replace the nails in Ontario’s economic coffin that the Liberal’s have pulled out?

  5. It usually takes a lot longer to repair damage than to cause it.
    I think the Cons are kicking themselves for choosing Hudak for their leader. He’s an ex-dope-smoking frat-boy who wants dope-smokers to pay for their crime. He’s got the lingering stink of Mike Harris clinging to him like sh!t to a blanket. His wife, Deb Hutton, and Harris were joined at the hip for just about all of Harris’ reign of terror.
    And as PJR says, he’s a total lightweight.

  6. How do you pay for uploading $2.5 billion dollars? Create the HST and other new Taxes! The $2.5 Billion uploading, Infrastructure Spending and Increases to our Health Care System? Raise Taxes!

    Removing the cost from municipalities doesn’t make the cost go away! Whether you pay it in property taxes or have paid it in Sales Taxes you still pay it! To try and make people think that the Liberals have magicly made these costs go away is another slight of hand tactic!

    Question: ” If the municipalities are saving so much then why has our property taxes not decreased? ” – Answer: Becasue the majority of our municipal funding comes from other levels of government and not from property taxes! Hence, moving the costs from one to the other doesn’t really matter! Either way you pay for it!

  7. The Ontario Hydro debt retirement charge has been paid for but Your leader reinstated it till 2018, that alone takes from taxpayers 1,080,000,000 dollars per year.

    Taking more money on fuel and electricity and a bunch of other items on the new HST is going where?

    Providing 75 scholarships at 40,000 dollars each to students from other countries is not helping students in this province.

  8. Hey McDonald upload this. The Ontario Liberals have totally overburdened the taxpayer with entitlement schemes in this province. Like paying for my neighbour’s 3 year old to be baby-sat all day every day in school by overpaid and over benefited union workers. Upload my hydro bill which makes me choose between heat or eat every winter to pay for the phantom shortage or energy which existed only in McGuinty’s mind and which is fast destroying the cheapest and most abundant energy supply in the nation, while shipping the excess to the states. Upload the billions and billions of dollars we are on the hook to the South Koreans for the windmills McGuinty ordered and found don’t work. Upload the health care system which turns community health centers in to community organizing centers who beliefs and mission statement exactly follow the 1936 Stalin authored Russian constitution, guaranteeing every citizen the right to, housing, wages, healthcare, and more; all supplied at taxpayer expense of course. Thus recreating the communist utopia along with citizens hooked on hand-outs from the McGuinty’s ever increasing government. Upload the loss of businesses in this provence and the loss of all forms of private sector jobs and balance that against McGuinty’s unholy alliance with government unions and international labour unions and community organizing groups. Upload the crushing weight of increased government rules and regulations which are stifling entrepreneurship in this province and killing jobs. Upload the failing grade our students are getting in world scholastic standings contrary to McGuinty’s lies.
    Upload this McDonald. The Liberals are bankrupting this province and you cannot upload that.

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