Long Sault Farmers Market Not Concerned with Cornwall Downtown Farmers Market Test of Fridays – August 25, 2011

Friday Line Up for Spring Rolls at the Thai booth at the Long Sault Farmers Market

Long Sault –  It’s business as usual for the popular Long Sault Farmers Market on Highway 2.   Concerns were shared when the struggling Cornwall Downtown Farmer’s market went to city council requesting permission to “try” a few Fridays instead of their usual Saturday morning slots.    The rationale given was that there were over 4,000 people in the downtown core working on Fridays which would help the market although the concept for the market was to attract people to the downtown core?

Andrew Phillips of Avonmore Berry Farm who sells at the Long Sault Market Fridays and Cornwall Seaway Producers Market Saturday Mornings


The core issue seems to be this years incarnation of the market attracting produce vendors compared to the other Cornwall Seaway Growers Market in the Brick parking lot on Saturday or the Long Sault market.    The Downtown market was re calibrated with Councilor Denis Carr (also of Heart of the City) and the DBIA hiring Keitha Fisher and Tony Lakroix to improve the market (Mr. Lakroix now works with Councilor Carr as well when not selling  jewelry Saturday mornings at the market)

I spoke with Tamara Lange who brings her farm meats and corn to the Downtown market.    Her ground beef was amazing in the cabbage rolls we made with a monster cabbage I picked up in Long Sault the day before!


Donna Primeau of the Long Sault market commented on the possible switch as well.   As Ms Primeau stated “..you have to listen to the Farmers..”


Long Sault Farmers Market

The good thing for we consumers is that there’s lots of choice, and some amazing local product to buy until Autumn begins!

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