PC candidate Jim McDonell and MPP Steve Clark play Spin the Wheel in Lamoureux Park in Cornwall Ontario – August 30, 2011

Cornwall ON –   PC candidate Jim McDonell and MPP Steve Clark were in Cornwall today; Lamoureux Park specifically to unveil their new carnival wheel!   Or as Mayor McDonell called it, “The Wheel of Tax” It was an interesting display focusing on their explanation that the McGuinty government raised taxes during a recession on some things which they of course didn’t state they’d rescind if elected…


Mr. McDonell also stated that he’d take a leave of absence from South Glengarry Ontario.

Jim McDonell on the PC platform and Attack ads


It was kind of odd watching Mayor McDonell and Chris Savard moonlighting from their day jobs to attend this event…maybe Chris was on a coffee break from his gig at Cornwall Square?

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  1. Better to be taxed and to receive a boost to areas we need rather than to be bribed with our own money and have all the province’s debt off-loaded to the municipalities so that your property taxes will go up, Jim.

    Message for Jimmy and Timmy….you fail.

  2. Bribed with our own money? That’s exactly what the Liberals are doing! Everything they delivered to SDSG as part of the Stimulus Package was our own money… Government cannot spend money without taking it away first.

    Better not to be taxed and have individuals spend their own money. They can decide which projects to support within the community.

  3. This guy Steve Clark is my MPP. All he has to do to keep his job for life, is mug for the cameras. I will admit that he is a master mugger, but apart from that he hasn’t done dick to earn his keep.

  4. I am a little offended and disheartened to see swearing allowed in these responses! I hope that you people are smart enough toeveryone realizes that the majority of municipal funding comes from other levels of government such as the Province!

    Uploading or Downloading these expenses is like saying “My wife pays the bill now and Not me!…..Wow, now our family has more money!” Completely irrational!

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