Letter to the Editor – Helen Sikora of Hamilton Ontario onTammy Hart’s Language Position – August 31, 2011

Dear editor,




Acccordimg to the comments published in your news paper, we have to conclude that eastern Ontario is  well on its’ way back to the cave  whence we came.




The mindlessness, the selfishness, the overt bigotry and ignorance,  all evidence that our society is regressing.  The great concern for French visitors fromQuebec not being able to find their way around Ontario while Quebec  politicians continue to plot their repression of the English language in the province.  No concern for the English in Quebec being denied their freedom of speech, their inalienable English heritage, just concern for the French!  Does it occur to the French that they are inciting distaste for all things French by their constant push for more French in the country.




When and how are French Canadians going to learn that if they insist on French language signs in Ontario, they had better be prepared to pay for them. Ontario is an English speaking province and French Canadians who do not want to become assimilated should move to Quebec as soon as possible. Quebec is the province which collects $8.6 billion dollars from English Canada so that Quebec can live as well as the rest ofCanada.




Where, when and how did the English population acquire the responsibility for maintaining the French language and culture.  Do not call English  speakers lazy because they do not learn French.  French Canadians are so lazy, they cannot support themselves.  The rest of the country has to support you.  How is it that you do not know this?  Is this information being kept from you?  By whom?




The bilingual policy in Canada is costing Canadians some $20 billion  annually.  Thousands of patients in Canadian hospitals die annually from hospital infections caused by cut backs by governments who would rather invest money in buying the French vote to stay in power.  How does that look on French Canadians.




In any event the  policy of Bilingualism in Canada is ” rogue” legislation, having been foisted upon unsuspecting Canadians without their consent.  And that is the quality of all legislation governing bilingualism in all ofCanada.  Democracy has been set aside in our country by unscrupulous politicians.  We are regressing back to barbarism.




Ms. Helen Sikora  – Hamilton,Ontario


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James Moak



  1. Over the many months of reviewing articles posted here, I have come to respect the writers and some posters. The ideas and comments come from real people who you would feel a connection by more than geography even if the views differ. However, I truly believe we all need to come together and discuss issues of great importance, with respect hopefully, towards a satisfactory end and this resource can play a key role. This should be about healthcare or immigration but, it is about language. This divide is threatening at least the other two major items because money is being kept from them to pay for it.

    While looking through job advertisements use the word Black, Muslim or even white where it says must be BILINGUAL. Would we not be writing our politicians and boycotting that business? Why then are we seeing such an increase in pushing bilingualism on us? It is not because the numbers warrant. The 2006 census shows Canada with 31,241,000 people, 21,130,000 of who speak English only. There are 4,141,000 who speak French only and are in the same circumstances as English only while just 5,448,000 who self identify as having knowledge of both English and French have access to the most jobs. There are also just over a half million who do not speak either English or French. The logical answer is that the majority do not complain the way we see special interest groups complain and the politicians take us for granted in this regard folks.

    Ontario push’s bilingualism big time with the creation of 3 additional designated areas (now 25), and changing the language definition of Francophone to include more people over the last couple of years.
    To qualify for a grade 12 diploma with a French designation, 10 of the 30 courses must be in French, but is that going to be enough to get the job you want? What about all the people who have trouble learning another language or maintaining one? Quebec only goes to our grade 11, how is that helping the population? They do not all go to CEGEP after.

    Again, why do we allow the majority to be treated this way? It is worse in Quebec for the minority English and who is speaking for them? Not the politicians who want our votes because we do not push of course! 337,000 English only in Quebec have it much worse. That 4,141,000 French only in Canada I noted above, 4,010,880 are in Quebec! Doing the math, that makes 130,120 in the rest of Canada. (49,210 in Ontario) If the cost of bilingualism is 20 billion a year, well you can do the math per person.

    Demand better

  2. Well said, Eric…it is time that the English majority in Canada take a stand on this issue. The English should not be relegated to second class citizenship…in their OWN Country. We, English are not a fringe linguistic minority but the overwhelming majority of this Country.

    The discrimination of Official Bilingualism and Official Languages Act must be rescinded and revoked, immediately. Write your MP’s, the press and media, PM Harper and demand a restoration of English: rights, language, culture and heritage to Canada.

    Quebec said “NON” to Official Bilingualism and the Rest of Canada should, as well!!! Canada should be majority ruled and NOT minority governed!!!

  3. Helen Sikora, Eric and Colleen McIntosh are right on!!! The English-speaking majority have been silenced by being called “bigots”, “racists” etc. and most English-speakers are afraid to open their mouths. Lately though, we hear more of them speaking up and it is a good thing. It is time that the French, who have been given so many advantages and have had so much taxpayers’ money spent on them to promote their language & culture, step back and stop pushing because you have already made yourselves the most unpopular group in Canada!!! Yes, you have the Constitution written in your favour and giving you special status to lord it over the rest of us. The time is coming when this will all come to an end. Read this article: http://nodogsoranglophones.blogspot.com/2011/08/20-years-of-giving-finger-to-ottawa.html

    Quebec is no longer the “king-maker” in Canada and if the Conservatives play their cards right, Quebec will get less money from the Equalization Payments policy which is due for renewal in 2014.

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