Women’s Roller Derby in the Cornwall Ontario Area One Step Closer – August 31, 2011

Long Sault ON – From little seeds grow Roller Derby teams!  The Ladies of the Seaway Valley Roller Derby group were very active Wednesday August 31st.   From the four who attended their first meeting they blossomed into 17 + one deputy mayor who showed up at the new Tim Horton’s in Long Sault to talk about the future and steps that it will take to bring the fast paced action to the area.

So far they’ve established that they have to form a league and two teams; are working on their team name and logo and are going to start fund raising as they have to outfit themselves in the tools of their trade.

They are off on a Caravan to Montreal where a supplier is going to fit some of them out and have a professional Roller Derby player coming to the area for a visit.   It’s exciting and their next meeting will be September 15th at Lola’s on Pitt Street in Cornwall Ontario.

Each of the players will be seeking their own sponsor and the league and teams will have sponsorship activities as well.    So far their only hitch is finding a practice area.    Some of the people that they’ve talked with think the skates will leave marks on gym floors, but the newer rubber used to stop the skaters doesn’t scuff and Roller Derby actually has less potential for surface issues than floor hockey sticks.

If you want to find out more about the group or want to help visit them on facebook.     We Want Roller Derby in Cornwall, Ontario!   –   They’re working on their new website too!

Our first story on the group.   LINK

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