Letter to the Editor – Brian Marlatt of White Rock, BC on the Future Federal Party Leaders – September 2, 2011

The Editor,

After Jack and Iggy and Gilles, what comes next?

Interest in Canadian politics may well turn to the game of party leadership contests.

More importantly, who will stand up for responsible government and against the unmandated, largely unconstitutional, Harper agenda to “change how his country is governed” both in the workings of our institutions and to make Canada more “conservative” (ie neoconservative) as the Reform Party dominated CPC continues to plot arrogantly?

Three leaderless Opposition parties, and the majority in the Senate which is supposed to hold the PM and Cabinet government accountable in Harper’s pocket. This is a sad time for democracy in Canada.

Brian Marlatt –  White Rock, BC


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James Moak


  1. Bravo, Brian. Timely letter.

    Your question: “[W]ho will stand up for responsible government and against the mandated, largely unconstitutional, Harper agenda…?”

    My answer: As well as the opposition parties, the Fourth and Fifth Estates–respectively the media and civil society.

    The media especially: how acquiescent they were during the federal election earlier this year. 31 out of 32 editorials endorsing Harper and his party of Contempt. Harper in Halifax in the open air at a lectern at a distance of 20 or 30 feet from the media who were penned like cattle behind metal railings, having to shout their questions, and rationed to a total of (was it?) 5, 6 questions. Absolutely appalling.

    Dictators blossom when everyone in civil society goes limp and caves into a bully.

    “Without Contraries is no progression”—William Blake.

  2. PJR. I found it pretty strange that during the campaign, Harper would only agree to answer 6?, presumably pre-approved questions a day, while Iggy and Jack were talking to as many people and answering as many questions as they could. The voters obviously liked the quiet secretive guy.
    Sure hope Gary Doer jumps into the ring. Wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t.

  3. Furtz, Only 6 because he’s afraid of being caught out. Truth be known, inside that bullying jingoistic suit with the perfect hair is a mouse who’s scared of his own shadow.

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