Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – Keystone XL Pipeline Protest and Asters in Bloom – September 6, 2011

CFN – Want to stand up for clean air, water and earth?  Well the opportunity is coming September 26th in Ottawa.

As mentioned in last weeks column.  People from across Canada and the United States had gathered outside of the White House in DC over the later part of August until the 3rd of September to express their concern about keeping our environment clean and healthy for all living beings today and tomorrow.

Their concern: the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada to the United States.

With the intent of keeping our communities, waterways and ecosystems safe from the impacts of a mega-pipeline from the tar sands in Alberta to the Gulf Coast, The Council of Canadians, Greenpeace Canada and the Indigenous Environmental Network request the honour of your presence on September 26th in Ottawa to let our elected officials and Prime Minister Harper know that “we the people” want the “preservation and health of our living earth” to be high on our Leaders’ agenda.
This is key to building a healthy future.  Progress with respect for our planet.  This is what we need.  This is what we want.Be part of turning our Country in the direction of “Progress with respect for our planet.”  Help build a future that you want to live in.  If you are interested in taking action, contact or visit  “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

On a brighter note the fall Aster’s are returning.  The blooming Aster’s are a sure sign that Fall is coming.  These late summer season blooms of purple, yellow and white are a most welcome haven for our pollinators who are readying themselves for their over-wintering.  I have read that Aster’s are a great source of pollen for our honey bees.  So if you are looking to plant some flower species which return year after year, provide fall colour and serve our pollinators in the fall after serving us throughout our growing season, plant Asters.

On walking through a wild open space near my home over the week-end I spotted a few honey bees foraging through the Goldenrod and Asters.  The aroma from the flowers was actually sweet; smelled like honey.  Purple and white Asters were spotted in this area.

I was surprised at the differences in size from one species to another.  The purple variety had blossoms about the size of the top part of two of my fingers together.  Then I spotted this very tiny white variety as indicated by the photograph above.  I photographed the bloom with my baby finger so as to have a reference of its size.  It is amazing at the abundance of life and colour just within a stone’s throw of our front door.  While the temperatures allow, why not get out and discover the canvas Mother Nature is painting just for you, on this day.Your commentary is encouraged and always appreciated below or to

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  1. Dear Jacquie:

    Thank you for your diligent efforts to protect and honour the earth. Earth matters to us and especially to future generations not able to reverse the mistakes of those priviliged with the responsibilty of making today’s decisions — decisions are too important to be left in the hands of polititians focused on short-term economic gain. We must all remember that “The difference you make today, counts in all our tomorrows.”

    Nadine Lucki

  2. Thank you for your commentary Nadine. It is our privilege at Earth Matters to enlighten and communicate that our living earth is our friend, our mother, an extension of ourselves. She is deserving of our love, respect and consideration. This is vital and necessary for the continued existence of all life forms.

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