Freddie Mercury’s 65th Birthday Celebrated in Music and Memories – September 5, 2011

Freddie Mercury of Queen circa 1978

Cornwall ON – September 5th marked what would’ve been the 65th birthday of the late and very great Freddie Mercury; lead singer of Queen.   I’m not sure if it was his dying so young or simply his burning legacy that inspired so many musical talents after him.


Freddie was the King of the Arena concert fully embracing the performance and importance of showmanship that lacked from many bands of his era.     The music was great, but the spectacle reached near religious fervor as Queen performed for hundreds of thousands of fans in a single concert.

I grew up listening to his music.  I remember owning the 45 of Bohemian Rhapsody.   It’s funny how we take for granted so many things in the backgrounds of our lives and then they’re gone?

The Official Queen channel on You Tube is celebrating Freddie’s Birthday!  LINK 

Katy Perry wishes Freddie


and of course the Muppets Miss Piggy


and here’s You’re My Best Friend, one of my faves!


Thanks for the music Freddie.  Your body was frail, but your spirit and voice will live forever!

feel free to post your tributes to Freddie below.

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