Divisive Conservatives Warring in Ontario on Eve of Writ Drop as Randy Hillier Trades Barbs with Ernie Eves – September 6, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON –   Ripples again are staining the Conservative waters as the war between far right Cons like Randy Hillier and his peeps conflict with long time Progressive Conservatives.   Mr Hillier recently shared a post on his facebook wall calling former Leader Ernie Eves a “re-tread” and questioning if he ever was a loyal party member.

The bloody confrontation peaked when long time MPP Norm Sterling was booted in favor of a Hillier supporter to run for the riding of  Carleton Mississippi Mills in the upcoming election.  Mr. Eves lashed out at Party leader Tim Hudak over the disloyalty to the long time Sterling.

What do you think Ontario? Will this divisive ripple cost Mr. Hudak the election or will he lose it on his own lack of merits?  You can post your comment below.

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  1. Every day seems to bring something new to cause intelligent Cons (yes there are some) to cringe, and the Libs to smile. Hillier and the loony fringe of the party made Fratboy the leader, and that’s gonna lose them this election. There are incumbent PC MPPs who don’t want Fratboy anywhere near them during this campaign.
    It’s a heart-breaker for sure.

  2. I agree with Randy! The PC Party is full of weak-kneed fools like Tim Hudak who go back on their word about getting rid of the human rights commission. We need to get rid of the likes of Hudak, Sterling, Eves and all of those pinkos so we can and make Randy Hillier the leader of the PC party. Only then will we get decent representation and less government ruining our lives!

  3. We need an overhaul of the provincial PC’s. First of all, remove the word “Progressive” from the party as their federal counterparts did. I personally find the word ‘progressive’ distasteful if not downright offensive. To me, it represents an extreme political ideology based on creeping socialism and the erosion of personal responsibility. While so called “progressives” portray themselves as moderates, they are anything but. They are in fact radicals trying to pull the lone conservative option on the ballot over into left-wing territory. That filthy word has no place in any moderate party of the right. With that removed, “Reds” like Ernie Eves will perhaps take the cue and leave, as most of the Red Tories did federally. The result is a stronger, united Conservative Party. The appeal is narrowed somewhat, but the more motivated and energized base more than makes up for it.

  4. Nice to see the Teabagging spirit ripping apart the PC party of Ontario.
    Hiller and the Landowners group should start their own party instead of ripping apart a party that seems to has a few adults and realists among their ranks.
    Keep it up!

  5. This is not the time to fiddle with name chabges. Making Randy Hillier leader will ensure a Liberal win in the election. Hudak has got to start countering the Liberal platform, especially the $10,000. bonus for employers to hire immigrants over Canadians. McGuinty has lied to us for 8 years, attack him on this. Get more vocal. Health care can be improved by increasing long term care beds and getting patients that do not need acute care out of the hospitals. Renfrew County has a waiting list of over 500 waiting for a LTC bed and a lot of them wait in a hospital. I shudder at the thought of McGuinty’s Liberal party being re-elected for another 4 years.

  6. “Renfrew County has a waiting list of over 500 waiting for a LTC bed ”
    How long was the list when McGuinty took power?
    If you think cutting taxes will increase beds, you are being foolish.

  7. I like the idea of an Ontario Reform Party lead by the likes of Hillier and Hudak. The Cons are seriously and publicly hurling insults at each other, and the timing couldn’t be better. They are looking pretty foolish right now, and are slipping in the polls.

  8. Hillier has a simplistic, grade-school understanding of the world and this province. . . He is my MPP and I haven’t seen hide nor hair of him – other than his puffery in front of a camera. I am a died in the wool Conservative but I would vote Marxist-Lennonist if he became leader.

  9. “simplistic, grade-school understanding of the world and this province”
    Exactly. If it can’t fit onto a bumper sticker, the policy is too complicated for some of these teabagging types.

  10. Hans, unfortunately for the PCs, and Ontario, Hillier and a few other like minded (simple minded) Cons managed to get Hudak elected leader. They even managed to get Norm Sterling, a good MPP since 1977, thrown under the bus. I fear that your party has been seriously damaged.

  11. Thank you Hans, I’m sorry you died in the wool. Lennonists everywhere thank you.

  12. EatingYourOwnWords, do you think the money going to Local Health Networks (14 in Ontario) could be used somewhere else? Front line services and long term beds maybe?

    Every reality show has some kind of excrement disturber, unfortunatly, it only makes TV better.

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