Hudak team cries of foul over event access Hypocrisy? by Jamie Gilcig – September 6, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario – POLL

Cornwall ON –  PC leader Tim Hudak is going all out in the low blow high school antics politics as the writ is about to drop.    Video is being spread of a PC  candidate trying to crash a Liberal event in spite of the Liberals sending out a clear message that they would not be welcomed.

At events on Private property of course any group has the basic right to decide on admission as long as it doesn’t violate charter laws, etc.   This purposeful attempt at entry though; a direct confrontation begs to ask the question if Mr. Hudak and his team aren’t being hypocritical?

I myself, as a reporter attending events twice with Mr. Hudak himself, was forced to shut down my camera even though other media were present.   The excuse given was that they were concerned for those attending, but I could’ve shot stills of those same people or simply written their names in my coverage?

The last event I attended when invited I actually called ahead and asked if I’d be allowed to practice my craft without impediment which to Mr. Hudak’s staff credit I was given a full green light.

Politicians and political party’s controlling of their message is all part of the big picture of the game of politics.

You can’t cry foul when you play by the same rules.  It’s a petty tactic that most voters see through.   Maybe all parties should give public and the media full access to events?

Jamie Gilcig – Editor and chief videographer – The Cornwall Free News

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Should Political Parties have to give equal access to the public and media at all events?

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James Moak


  1. Fratboy should only allow conservative reporters into his events, and he should answer only six pre-screened questions per day. It worked for Harper.

  2. This election is going to be crucial for the future of Ontario. We can continue with Mcguinty and stay on track to bankrupcy or we can choose a new leader who is committed to responsible government.

    Mcguinty controls most of the media. (ie TorStar, CP24, CBC folks, etc, etc). Even small town papers always seem to slant their articles to spin Liberal policies. There is a reason for this. Mcguinty has been spending millions of our tax dollars on “advertising” for wind turbines, motherhood heath messages and other policies. None of these ads serve the public and are a waste of tax dollars. The media however has profited from all the advertising dollars and of course, will not bite the hand that feeds it.

    The people in Ontario are slowly losing democracy. We are being force fed a diet of constant Liberal spin. I suggest we all look deeper into issues and find multiple sources of information before voting.

  3. McGuinty controls most of the media? That is funny. The pointy-headed reptilian kitten-eater does wield some power, but he ain’t no media baron.

  4. So Gilcig, how about you give us all an answer to the questions BC Blue has brought up? High School antics? Take a look in the mirror son…..

  5. Author

    Platty there is no question to answer. I flirted with politics as a FEDERAL Green candidate. Did not run in the last election. I voted for Brian Mulroney years ago. Is that to be held against me also? I vote for what’s important to me. I vote for what my beliefs are. And your friend misspelled Hudak for s***S sake!

  6. It ain’t easy being green.

  7. CFN must be hitting some pretty raw nerves for the local con-cons to reach out all the way to the BC choir members.

  8. Jamie, you have arrived!! Bourque Newswatch has TWO links to your site today.
    Congrats on that.

  9. I do not think McGuinty controls the media either, many of the professors in the media programs have been teaching a certain style.

    Often the pictures being used of leaders in the articles will show the slant of the media. Even the picture in this article has Hudak looking less than professional. The Sun chain use equally flattering poses of McGuinty.

    Caught Hudak on CTV 2 Thursday, he seemed more human than any clips I have seen of McGuinty.

  10. Eric. you should see the cool picture of Hudak I sent to Jamie last week.
    I wish he’d post it. It goes back to his frat-boy college days.

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