Mr. McFuddle – PC Candidate Jim McDonell “It’s Not Easy.” Biased Labour Council Debate launches Writ Drop in SD&SG Ontario – September 8, 2011

Angry Williamstown resident hangs banner hoping to get rid of Mayor McFuddle.

Cornwall ON –  Mr. McFuddle was not a happy camper tonight as he muddled through the 2nd (Yes Standard Free Holder, 2nd) All Candidates debate for SD&SG Ontario.   The event,  held by the Labour Council in spite of its

Mayor Jim McDonell - not a gifted speaker

President, Cornwall City Councillor Elaine MacDonald being the NDP candidate, was a biased affair that included a question related to teaching (Ms MacDonald is a retired teacher), but alas there was no question related to fire fighting for former Fire Fighter Mark A MacDonald or for being a Bell rep like Mr. McDonell.

Mr. McDonell took his lumps bravely though from the partisan crowd as pointed question after question landed on his plate; many from the crowd were members of the candidates teams as well to further tarnish the debate.

“It’s not easy” was Mr. McFuddle’s standard answer for many of the questions and he out right refused to answer some such as his position on Abortion.

To be fair the only candidate to touch that one was the Libertarian who said it was fine as long as the person paid for it in the currency of their choice as he’s against fiat monies and if I understand his rants believes that we should voluntarily pay taxes and be an utterly free market society where you can pay what you want as long as the other person wants it and that government is a bad.

Paul Aubin demands a Yes or No answer on 3P’s from the candidates


Mr. Donnelly actually sparked some life and amusement into the evening.   Liberal candidate Mark MacDonald edged out the NDP candidate for a win for the evening as he faced down some attacks with charm and wit; in particular from social activist Gary Samler.

It’s very odd that Mr. McDonell and Ms MacDonald have not taken leave of absences from their respective political jobs as Mayor for Mr. McDonell and City Councilor for Ms MacDonald.   Even Mr. McDonell’s co-campaign manager, Mayor Eric Duncan (who also is on  the Federal Payroll as MP Guy Lauzon’s go to guy)  is working it on taxpayer’s dollars as you can see from the picture above.   Mayor Duncan is rumored to be odds on fave to replace Guy Lauzon as the next Federal Conservative candidate.

Is Mayor McDonell waiting until a particular vote on abusive multi-residential water tax increases on the residents of South Glengarry before taking a leave of absence from his mayor’s position?

We’ll be providing video coverage of the debate shortly.    What do you think Ontario?   Should candidates and their campaign managers have to take a leave of absence if they are on the taxpayer’s dime?  You can vote in our poll.

Should candidates and their staff take a leave of absence from public tax payer funded positions once the writ drops for an election?

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  1. Woah, NDP lovefest!

  2. Oyez, Oyez, Oyez- Sorry Jim Not just a social lovefest but more of a proud showing from a great candidate in Elaine and a strong dislike for the Harris Hudak McFuddle- Duddlers that failed bigtime in this debate. All candidates here had the chance to shine here but like their platforms and bad history in Ontario politics they came up short. I want to thank the Liberal Candidate Mark MacDonald for his kind comments made about me and also his effort last night. Libertarian Mr. D”arcy Neal Donnelly with only a looney and a tooney in your pocket sorry that isn’t enough too even buy a beer.

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