Liberal Mark A MacDonald Wins Labour Council Debate – Jim “McFuddle” McDonell stumbles out of the gate – Elaine MacDonald Shines for Home Team Crowd! September 7, 2011

Cornwall ON –   I watched a debate Wednesday night.  It was hosted by the Labour Council here in Cornwall and the President of the Council was actually one of the candidates debating.     It really was an opportunity to watch those competing to be our next MPP in SD&SG show their leadership mettle and their ability to speak publicly.


PC candidate, and South Glengarry Mayor, Jim “McFuddle” McDonell (who still hasn’t taken a leave of absence as mayor) fuddled through his prepared notes and speeches making me realize how much better MP Guy Lauzon is than Jim at reading prepared notes.   I guess that is a tough skill?     His comments waffled almost as much as Tim Hudak talking Abortion or uploading and downloading of taxes to municipalities.


His answers to questions, when he actually answered what was asked, generally had precursors of “that’s not easy” or “that’s not simple.”

NDP candidate and President of the Labour Council, Elaine MacDonald clearly enjoyed the home field advantage as her team and supporters fed her soft toss questions.     The PC and Liberal candidates focused on each other mostly in the limited combat while the Libertarian candidate marveled the crowd with his coin tricks between rants against the Fiat currency system.    The parachuted Green candidate had homework or Glee was on.

While she had many supporters in the crowd the house was not full.    Provincially the NDP can’t count on the same support that it traditionally does Federally, and frankly they are as their posters state,  “Not their Grand Father’s NDP ” as the core issues of medicare and labour seem to have shifted to the incumbent Liberal government.   They are right.  They are not Tommy Douglas’ NDP.

The Rich and the Poor & Healthcare


Liberal candidate Mark A Macdonald clearly won the debate as he not only dealt with his opposition; from low blows by Mayor McDonell comparing our Premier to a racoon to facing off campaign workers for Ms MacDonald firing questions at him.


Mr. MacDonald calls out Mr. McFuddle on Bullying and Name Calling


Who do you think won this debate Cornwall, and has it changed your opinion of  any of the candidates? You can post your comments below.

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  1. Wouldn’t the racoon in the garbage analogy actually mean he was looking around for something good in what other’s had thrown out? Perhaps that’s a green party initiative since it’s a good recycling practice….maybe Jim McDonnell should engage his brain at least a few seconds before he engages his mouth. (And he prepared that in advance…wow…that was dumb)

  2. I too was at that debate. MacDonald didn’t answer any questions, just like his boss doesn’t. I guess he wins by being vague.

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