People Power: A Moving Planet Rally & Parade – September 24, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario







 Cornwall Ontario  Joins a Global Day of Action to Promote Fossil Fuel Reduction

Cornwall ON – Circle September 24, 2011 on your calendar!  Everyone is invited to join us (and the entire world) in a Moving Planet Rally & Parade to raise community awareness about the need to move beyond the use of fossil fuels and to build solutions to prevent further Climate Change. We are gathering in Lamoureux Park near the Museum on September 24th, starting at 11am. This year’s event is called People Power: A Moving Planet Rally & Parade.

This grassroots community event is part of a wider Global Day of Action taking place in over 188 countries around the world.  The goal is to encourage solutions to the climate crisis and remind policy makers and governments at all levels to be proactive and provide leadership on alternatives to fossil fuels. Videos from our Cornwall event will be uploaded to a world-wide gallery!   The Cornwall Community Museum will also host a related poster-making event (see below).


The 350 concept began in 2009 when simultaneous rallies took place in 181 countries – what CNN called the ‘most widespread day of political action in the planet’s history.’ Last year on 10/10/10, there were over 7,000 community events in 188 countries, including a Cornwall tree-planting event!  In 2011, we are building people power in every corner of the planet. With a huge mobilization planned for September and bold campaigns around the world, millions of people will create a wave of climate activism that can lead to real, lasting, large-scale education and change.


Moving Planet calls for stronger science-based policies that can get us moving away from dependence on fossil fuels and on track to lowering carbon dioxide (CO2) levels back to safer levels below 350 parts per million (ppm).  Scientists tell us that 350 ppm is the safe upper limit of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Right now, we’re at 390 and already feeling the impacts of climate change. If we’re going to get back to 350, we need “carbon-neutral” solutions right away. Clear policy support for innovative alternative fuels and general reduction of fossil-fuel use isn’t just good for the environment; it will have a huge positive impact on public health, strengthen our Cornwall community economically, ensure a safer future for our children and make the world a better place for everyone.


Bring your People Power! Come just as you are or on bike, on skates, on a rickshaw, soapbox, board, scooter, wheelchair, wagon, or on foot.  Come with your neighbors, family, co-workers, and friends of all ages.  Come be part of something huge!  Present your own Moving Planet message – encourage your group to get creative: make a 350 Banner; dress up as Endangered Species or come up with an Outrageous Costume Promoting Local Seasonal Food or come as a Super Hero for Climate Justice!; decorate your non-motorized vehicle with Recycled Materials; come up with a ‘Moving Planet’ Song or Chant; skip, hop, dance, juggle, cartwheel; dream up your own Innovative Expression of Renewable Energy; host a Flash Mob!  After the rally and parade, taste delicious local foods featured in local restaurants.


What: a Moving Planet Rally & Parade to raise community and world awareness about the need to move beyond the use of fossil fuels and to build solutions to prevent further Climate Change.  In addition to the parade the Cornwall Community Museum will host The Great Design poster project, (your design for travelling without fossil fuels), for ages 6 to 14 at the Cornwall Community Museum in the Wood House, Lamoureux Park.  This is a free workshop to be held on September 17, 10am.-12pm.; exhibition of work, September 24, 10am.-12pm; to book telephone 613-534-2202.


Who: The Cornwall 350 Action Committee will host the Parade & Rally; parade participants will also be invited to visit a number of participating local restaurants (in the downtown core) to sample tasty local fare from the area. The Cornwall Community Museum will host The Great Design poster project.

Meet at Lamoureux Park near the Museum on September 24th, starting at 11am.

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