Tastings in the Glens Fundraiser Doubles Attendance in its Second Year by Karine Walkey – September 12, 2011

Maxville ON –  Gaelic music played to the delight of a large and enthusiastic crowd of wine tasters attending the second annual Tastings in the Glens in Maxville over the weekend.  After Saturday’s hugely successful wine tasting fundraiser for the Hopital Glengarry Hospital Foundation, the rural town of Maxville famous for hosting the Glengarry Highland Games has earned the reputation as a first class wine tasting act.
Fundraiser, and former board member, Carol Belware was thrilled with the crowd turnout. “This is the second year and the attendance has doubled. Last year we relied on word of mouth and everyone

Carol Belware and Doug Anthony

started talking about it.”

The Metcalfe Centre provided the classy venue for aficionados to wash down delectable desserts and tasty gourmet snacks with wine and spirits while mingling with guests clad in traditional Scottish kilts.
The idea to host a celebration of wine, spirits and food in an obscure little rural town belonged to Judy Wilcox, a practising lawyer in Alexandria. “I love food and wine shows and for the past 20 years I’ve been attending these events all over North America.
My favourite is in Georgia. I figured why not have one here to raise money for our community hospital.” Talking about her idea convinced Wilcox that this event would really work in the community.
Judy’s idea to host a wine tasting that would bring together Ontario wineries, local restaurants and caterers from a similar event held in Buckhorn, located in the Niagra wine growing region. This years attendance at the Tastings in the Glens years eclipsed last year’s attendance by 70 %.
“It’s a good opportunity to diversify events like Tastings in the Glens to a community such as Maxville, that also benefit from the hospital.” commented Wilcox.
Couples were still dancing to the lively Irish music, wine glasses in hand as the Tastings wound down for the evening. Glengarry Memorial Hospital, located in the town of Alexandria, in Glengarry County lies between Montreal and Ottawa and serves the bilingual community of 20,000 residents.

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