Sue McConville’s Weekly Business Management Tip #2 – Time Management – September 19, 2011

Sue McConville

Not Enough Time?

CFN – Last week I suggested that you spend one week tracking everything that you do and then spend a couple of hours analysing your personal “time wasters”.

Were you surprised at how much time you spent on any one activity? What did you find that does not add value to your life?  Each of you will have a different answer to that question.

The next step is to identify a goal or objective.  If you could eliminate one time waster what would you do with that time?   What is important to you?

This week set a goal that is meaningful to you. Replace a time waster with one thing you want to do.   Easier said than done?  True!

Write down your goal.  Be specific and make it measureable.  What are you going to do?  When?  How?  If I asked you if you did it, could you answer yes or no?

Post it on your fridge or write it in your day timer.

As an example:  At 6:30 AM for each of the next 7 days, I will walk for 20 minutes.

Then, tell someone – a friend, a spouse, your kids, or a colleague. If you communicate your goal, you are more likely to gain support and make the commitment to yourself.

Start small.  Each week set another goal.  Build on your success!

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