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What is the speed of a large jetliner as it lifts off the runway and becomes airborne  ?

Question asked by Paul



This speed is not always the same. It is different for every take-off.  It could be anywhere from about 240 km/h to over 300 km/h, depending  on many different factors.

On a take-off roll, the pilots have  to accelerate the airplane to a sufficient speed, so that in the event of an engine failure, the aircraft has sufficient energy, for the pilots to get it safely airborne off the available runway, fly and return back to the airport with only the remaining engine(s) operating.

The factors involved are the aircraft weight, runway length available for take-off, runway slope, runway surface condition (dry, wet, snow or slush covered), wind speed and direction, air temperature, air pressure, brake energy available, height of obstacles beyond the runway and other  environmental conditions.

Before every take-off, pilots do complex calculations to determine what that required speed will be.

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