Should Elected Officials be able to Run for Office During their Terms? VOTE IN OUR POLL – September 24, 2011

CFN –  Hot buzz this weekend was about candidates running for office while sitting in office.   Many people knew about Mayor Jim McDonell’s run for the PC nomination which he eventually won even while he was running for Mayor again in South Glengarry.    Covering the bases is always good, but are the citizens treated fairly and given full value for a tax payer position?

Now to be fair Mayor McDonell finally took a leave of absence after the deferral of the near 300% tax increase for multi-residential units in his township,but NDP candidate Elaine MacDonald, a Cornwall City councilor has not.   Nor was it much of  a secret during the last election that she’d run.

Kudos to another Cornwall City Councilor, Bernadette Clement, who announced publicly that she would be running for MP and announced her intentions while running again for councilor.   She just might make a good mayor for Cornwall in the next election?

Is it time for cities to pass by laws stating that if elected an official cannot take leave to run for other public office during their term?   That they must resign instead of leaving big holes in their elected “service” time?

What do you think?  You can post your comment below and vote in our poll.

Should elected officials be able to run for public office without resigning first?

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