Letter To The Editor – Tom Manley Supports The Liberals and SD&SG candidate Mark A MacDonald – September 26, 2011

Liberal candidate for SD&SG Mark A Macdonald

Dear Friends.


A general election is the prime time for a public discussion among friends about direction and choices for Ontario. I think it is useful to set aside one’s political loyalty for a moment to take

Tom Manley with his choice for SD&SG, Liberal Mark A MacDonald.

a good look at the options. As you know, I can change my position when there is good reason.


Please allow me this opportunity to voice my choice. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


I am voting on Oct 6th for the Ontario Liberal Party and Mark MacDonald in Stormont-Dundas-South-Glengarry for the following reasons.


In the midst of a global economic crisis, a provincial government has very limited capacity to mitigate the impact in Ontario as we live in a global economy. Despite the crisis, Ontario and Canada have faired well. The Ontario Liberal government took a balanced approach and set difficult but wise priorities: investing in infrastructure that stimulated economic activity, implementing programs to help businesses create jobs, avoiding new taxes despite the declining tax revenues, and allowing the budget deficit to rise reasonably to help us face the crisis.


I am very happy to see the investments in the regional health services, especially the construction of the new Winchester district hospital, the new Cornwall community hospital, and the Seaway Valley Community Health Center in Cornwall.


Farmers in Ontario are pleased with the province’s acceptance of a Business Risk Management program, designed in full consultation with farmers, despite the federal Conservative government’s reluctance to participate.


I am especially happy to see decisive and concrete action on green energy for the sake of our energy needs and the quality of the air we breathe. Farmers, home owners, and land owners are participating by the thousands in the green energy revolution with profitable investments in their own solar and wind power instead of seeing their money soaked by the global energy giants.


Many small businesses and community institutions in eastern Ontario have taken full advantage of several Ontario programs to grow their business, create jobs, and improve our quality of life: the Eastern Ontario Development Fund, the Rural Economic Development program, the Ontario Market Investment Fund, and the Trillium Fund.


Farmers and businesses are satisfied with the province’s implementation of the harmonized sales tax in partnership with the federal Conservative government. The HST maintained the same overall tax rate of 5% and 8 % while making provincial sales tax refundable for businesses and farmers and eliminating the burden the regular provincial tax report. Every business loves to reduce the paperwork!


I have known Mark MacDonald for several years: a trusted fireman, valued community organizer, and effective city councillor in Cornwall for many years. He will make a fine member of provincial parliament and continue the tremendous community service that we valued from his Liberal predecessors Jim Brownell and John Cleary.


That is why I am voting for Mark and the Ontario Liberal Party, for effective, balanced, and competent leadership for Ontario.


Thank you for listening and for participating in this important electoral process.


Tom Manley

Berwick, Ontario.

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James Moak


  1. I do not have a problem with solar for farm or personal use.I do have a problem with the amount paid to send excess to the grid. Do we know if any or how much is being taken from these operators?

    I have a problem with the Ontario portion (8%) of HST being added to many items that only had GST before. Mr McGuinty signed the document that locked us in for a fixed period and on what items would be included.

    I do not know how you can say “avoiding new taxes despite the declining tax revenues” and “allowing the budget deficit to rise reasonably”. There would be some opposition to those comments from people across the voting spectrums.

  2. Eric, in the midst of an economic maelstrom, I am observing a very strong and stable leadership from Mr. McGuinty. It’s easy for opposition pundits to throw dung at the wall hoping it will stick. Some sticks inevitably. No one leaves a financial quagmire smelling clean but to be sure, Dalton smells a lot better than a Conservative mud-slinger.

  3. We have a difference of opinion on who smells better but I agree that it is easy to throw dung, when you have alot of ammunition.

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