We’re proud to introduce our newest Scribe – Ms Tabatha Pilon from Cornwall Ontario! September 26, 2011

CFN –  We’re proud to welcome our newest scribe to The Cornwall Free News.  17 year old Tabatha Pilon is studying abroad, in Denmark.   She’s going to share her experiences with our viewers.   If you are doing something unique and special and want to share it with our viewers email us at info@cornwallfreenews.com and you just might be on our pages too!

Now here’s Tabatha’s first entry!

Unlike every other seventeen year old in my school, I will not be entering the twelfth grade like I should be this year. I will not graduate with any of my classmates. I won’t even attend classes at St. Joe’s like I had planned on when I entered the school in grade nine.
As a mere freshman, I always envisioned my life like this: make it to grade twelve, graduate, find a job, and become rich and famous. Somehow. Probably by becoming an author. Or a movie star. Whatever works, y’know?   Nothing is going as I planned though, and you know what? I’m perfectly alright with this. Much has changed since I entered grade nine. When I began high school, I was living with my mother, whereas now, I am living in foster care.
If anything, being in foster care has prepared me for the things that are happening in my future. Within being in foster care, I have learned how to be more independent. I have become a lot more mature, and I have overcome many obstacles.
Being in foster care has changed the direction of my life drastically. I never expected my life to take this turn, and I honestly don’t mind. In fact, I am excited for my new life. My name is Tabatha Pilon, and I’m going to be an ambassador for Canada for the 2011-2012 school year, in Denmark.
On August 5th 2011, I took a huge step in my life. I boarded a plane and flew to a country that speaks a different language; that has different laws; that looks entirely different from Canada; and most importantly, a country that has a completely different fashion sense.   Denmark is where I will be living for the next year. I will live with three families during my exchange, ensuring that I am able to experience different traditions, experience different homes, and overall, have an amazing year. I will be attending the local high school (which is called a Gymnasium) and I will be learning the language(Danish).
This is something that I never would have been able to do without the Children’s Aid in my life. The only reason I am on this journey is because of a conversation that I had with my social worker — 3 years ago— on a crispy November evening on our drive to an appointment.    We discussed my dream to go to university in England, when she proposed that I try going abroad during high school. And now I finally am. It took nearly 3 years, a lot of research, and a lot of changing, but I made it. I have been in Denmark for eight weeks now, and I’m having an amazing time.
None of this would have been possible without the Children’s Aid, and I would like to thank everyone who is a part of this amazing organization for giving me the opportunity to go on this adventure, as well as the amazing support that they have provided me.
Tabatha will be writing to us from Denmark each week or as her “gymnasium” schedule allows.


  1. WTG Tabby, so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome Tabatha. Look forward to reading about your amazing adventures.

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