Canadian Serial Killer Clifford Olson Dies in Quebec – September 30, 2011 BREAKING

CFN  – One of Canada’s most notorious serial killer’s Clifford Olson has died of Cancer in Quebec.  He was 71.

Convicted of murdering 11, the BC native targeted young people before finally being caught and convicted.  He exchanged his cooperation for thousands of dollars  in payments to his wife, and made the news for his numerous parole attempts and support of the Federal Conservative party.

In the last election Prime Minister Harper went as far as to target benefits and pensions for those in prison such as Mr. Olson.

Many of the victims families have been quoted in other media as stunned to the death of the monster who took their loved ones.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

James Moak


  1. wow we paid his wife and kept him alive really???see anything wrong with this picture or is it just me??

  2. GFR to bad rubbish!

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