I endorse Mark A MacDonald to be the next MPP for a Majority Liberal Dalton McGuinty Government for Ontario – by Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

CFN –   It’s been a long election season.  Debate after debate, speech after speech, private moments, heated moments, moments that separate one candidate from another.

I can say that at both the local riding level here in SD&SG and at the Provincial level where I’ve seen Tim Hudak barr me from an event thus showing his lack of respect for Freedom of the press which was supported locally by both his candidate Jim McDonell and NDP candidate Elaine MacDonald.

I’ve seen dirty tactics employed by the NDP out of Toronto and locally as well.

I know it’s hard to unseat an incumbent, but if you have to sink to some of the things I’ve witnessed in this campaign…well it doesn’t inspire confidence for me at least.

I’ve also seen infighting which has been a bit disappointing.   To me if you belong to a party, are a committed partisan then you smile and keep going even if you don’t get that nomination or vote.   You don’t throw out party ideology because you don’t like the candidate.

A perfect example of party loyalty is Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger, just scant weeks off of Cancer surgery, stepping up to the podium and giving a rousing speech while endorsing his former opponent in the mayor’s race, and our Premier Dalton McGuinty.

Mayor Kilger endorses Dalton McGuinty and Mark A MacDonald


Politically I’ve learned a lot over the last three years from Mayor Kilger.   I endorsed him in the Mayor’s race and I concur with his vision in this election.

I’m proud to announce that I fully endorse Mark A MacDonald to be the next MPP of Stormont, Dundas, and South Glengarry on October 6th as the Liberal candidate for the future Majority government of Dalton McGuinty.

The turning point for me personally was when the Libertarian candidate verbalized something that would cause many a lesser man to reach out and throttle him.  The fact that the Libertarian chose to continue the debate and not apologize until after while Mr. MacDonald kept his cool showed poise that you expect from a civic leader.

The biggest thing I can say about Mark is his pure work ethic.    I’ve watched him for a few years now and his commitment not to “Big Business” or “Big Labour” is inspiring.   His commitment to those with the smallest voices in our community is a rarity in this day and age for politicians.

I’ve seen him support small business; not just give lip service to it.  I’ve seen him take seniors to doctor appointments and be there for almost anyone that contacts him.

Ultimately we hope that when we call our MP or MPP; our city councilor, or anyone in office to represent us that they are there for us.

His chief opponents in this election may have more years of political office, but they do have those qualities.   I know people who have gone to Elaine MacDonald seeking simple letters of reference including the hypocritical Jason Setynk who wailed about Elaine not writing him a reference so that he could get a union teaching job instead of having to work grueling hours for less pay at a private school.

I’ve seen a lot of pettiness and hypocrisy from Elaine MacDonald.   Too much.   If you don’t act in this life.  If you sit by in silence when you see a gross injustice while living off the fat of the land you just don’t deserve my vote….or anyones.

I’ve seen residents of South Garry spend a lot of money having a huge banner printed hoping to have Mayor McDonell voted “UP”  so that his impact on their community can end.   I’ve listened to residents of his community rally together to fight an unfair and heavy handed water tax increase of nearly 300%.

No, there are those that dress well and talk the talk, and then there are those that walk the walk.

We need more politicians like Mark A MacDonald and on October 6, 2011 I hope the voters of SD&SG share my endorsement and make him our next MPP.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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James Moak


  1. I agree with you Jamiie, this has been a long nasty election. As an NDP cardmember I have endorsed our Candidate Elaine MacDonald to win a seat at Queens Park on Thursday. I do totally agree with your comments about Mak A. MacDonald, the man, his qualities but not the politition. CFN quote:The biggest thing I can say about Mark is his pure work ethic. I’ve watched him for a few years now and his commitment not to “Big Business” or “Big Labour” is inspiring. His commitment to those with the smallest voices in our community is a rarity in this day and age for politicians.
    I’ve seen him support small business; not just give lip service to it. I’ve seen him take seniors to doctor appointments and be there for almost anyone that contacts him.
    Mark is very dedicated , hard working and one of the nicest persons I have met since moving to Cornwall from Toronto. Mark is definately committed to helping the people of this community and his drive is also inspiring. I do not agree that Dalton Mc Guinty should be our next Premier. Eight years of putting Ontario deeper into debt does not deserve my vote. When Mark took on the job for the Liberals I advised him then I could never sell my soul to the Devil. Now, it’s time for change to an NDP government with Andrea Horwath and Elaine MacDonald as our MPP.

  2. Gary, Take a look at yesterday’s Globe & Mail editorial on the NDP platform. Not exactly inspiring.
    As to Dalton McGuinty, try to remember the Mike Harris years and the damage they did to our province. That’s the mess McGuinty inherited and has dedicated his party to fix and build beyond.

    (In a more recent parallel, think of the appalling mess Obama inherited from the Bush Republicans, and the flak he’s getting from those very same Republicans for trying to fix the mess they created.)

    McGuinty’s not perfect. No political leader is—not even the great Harper. But look at McGuinty’s achievements and commitment to our province—likewise Mark MacDonald’s—and you have to say they are far and away the best bets for our votes tomorrow.

  3. Author

    well said PJR!

  4. You guys need your heads read

  5. If you do as Cornwall Harry suggests, then the logical conclusion is to vote Liberal.

  6. I looked in the mirror and read my head. There was a post-it note stuck to my forehead that said buy porkchops…… and vote liberal.

  7. I’ve noticed that everyone likes to put their own spin on things. Tomorrow is the litmus test and the results will be final!

  8. oh wow wait and see the hoards converge on the polls voting liberal cuz cfn endordes them ……really comical

  9. No more comical than listening to anything you have to say smee.

  10. Imagine that, the ignorant hordes want to vote. And also imagine the nerve of CFN to endorse (endordes?) a candidate. Why do you even bother with us Smee…we are not worthy!

  11. I wish I could vote in your riding. Shiny face Steve Clark is about to extend the Con’s solid rule in Leeds-Grenville to 96 years! 🙁

  12. I have been one of the only Conservative Blues with the guts and metal to stand up and say I believe that the Conservatives will win in S.D.&G.! I am so glad to see the results and stated in my office that I think the Liberals may win provincially but they it will be too close to call locally!

    Mark is my favourite politician but I have always been Conservative and I am extremely happy to see Jim McDonell (who announced the Conservatives plan for small businesses in my store) win the local riding!

    I was not invited to any party tonight and think it was I have said several times that I am Conservative (angrying Mark MacDonald’s camp) and that I think Mark is the best candidate (angrying Jim McDonell’s camp – even though they have nooooo idea how much I have helped tehm)!

    Either way my leafs won tonight and I have stay honest true unlike so many fake, dishonest politicians still talking today!

    Mike Bedard

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