Cornwall Ontario Recognized For Its Work In Supporting Brownfield Projects – October 13, 2011


Dana McLean, Planning Program Administrator, and Ken Bedford, Planning Division Supervisor

CFN – The City of Cornwall has been recognized for its efforts in promoting Brownfield redevelopment projects by partnering with other eastern Ontario municipalities to host a Brownfield workshop earlier this year. 

Cornwall’s long track record of leadership in Brownfield redevelopment was further solidified as it recently shared the 2011 Canadian Urban Institute “Brownie Award” for Communications, Marketing and Public Engagement with a number of other municipalities.

The Bloom Centre for Sustainability partnered with local and regional governments across Canada – including Cornwall – to develop and deliver a series of Brownfield workshops from February to June 2011. The St. Lawrence Corridor Workshop was held on March 22 in Kingston (in partnership with Cornwall and Brockville) and consisted of a large delegation of municipal leaders from Cornwall and S, D & G.

Dana McLean, the City’s Planning Program Administrator, spoke at the workshop about Cornwall’s Brownfield redevelopment efforts and the City’s Community Improvement Plan.

The workshop provided a venue to share information on best practices and establish connections between key decision-makers such as government and agency officials, developers and real estate professionals.


“The workshop provided an opportunity to showcase Cornwall as a leader in Brownfield redevelopment, and it also gave our staff a chance to network with municipal colleagues, developers and real estate professionals,” said Ken Bedford, Planning Division Supervisor.


During her presentation, Ms. McLean highlighted several Brownfield projects in Cornwall, including a new affordable housing complex on Sixth Street East and the Cotton Mill Lofts, a $12-million, 54-unit condo development in the old cotton mills district of Cornwall. Also highlighted was the new Benson Centre sports complex, which was built on a piece of reclaimed industrial land.

“We’ve had a tremendous amount of success in the area of Brownfield redevelopment in recent years, with a number of high-profile Brownfield projects being completed,” said Mayor Bob Kilger. “We will continue to take a leadership role in promoting the redevelopment of Brownfields.”

The City of Cornwall directly supports Brownfield redevelopment through its Brownfield Community Improvement Plan. The Brownfield CIP offers a series of incentive programs designed to encourage and assist property owners to improve their properties, and by extension, improve their local communities.

Brownfields are classified as abandoned, vacant, derelict or underutilized commercial and industrial properties where past actions have resulted in actual or perceived contamination. Aesthetic improvements, increased taxes and new employment opportunities are just some of the opportunities presented by the redevelopment of Brownfield sites. 


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