Dalkeith Historical Society On Line Art Auction Fund Raiser by Michael Cartwright October 12, 2011

CFN – The Dalkeith Historical Society (left to right Michael E.Cartwright,Frances Fraser,Denny Allen,Rose-Marie Deley) couldn’t have asked for a better day to promote their on line Art Auction fund raiser.From 11AM until 2PM there was continual flow of interested people stopping at the display to chat about the paintings and the Society’s agenda.Denny Allen, seen holding the icon Blue Nose did a great job promoting the fridge magnets with the funds going towards restoration and preservation of the St.Paul’s Chapel in Dalkeith.Everyone was surprised at the interest and many thanks goes out to the executive of The Friends of the South Lancaster Wharf for supporting the idea of setting up there.A good time was had by all.Visit the Historical Society at acorn2011.com
Artist Michael E.Cartwright welcomes recently elected Grant Crack to the Nasal Reserves at the Alexandria Farmers market Octoberfest celebration.Cartwright was at the market with The Dalkeith Historical Society to promote their on line Art Auction and raise funds through the sale of cook books,cookies,T-shirts,dish cloths (hand made by Rose-Marie Deley’s 90 year old mother) and fridge magnets.More about the Society go to acorn2011.com

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