Dinner with Gerry Visca. Key Note Biz Fest Speaker in Cornwall Ontario Passionate About His Message – October 17, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Gerry Visca

CFN  – It’s been a crazy week and it’s only Monday!    I stopped by the VIP dinner here in Cornwall where Key note speaker of Biz Fest, Gerry Visca, shared some of his vision and worked the crowd.

Mr. Visca is a moving speaker; very slick and passionate about his message.  He’s written books and speaks professionally motivating groups and people all over the world as he’ll tell you.

He was here in Cornwall Ontario to pep up the troops.     I don’t know much about Biz Fest as the organizer never bothered to contact us; but what struck me most about Mr. Visca’s speech to us was some very simple, but true and positive comments on what it takes to improve a community or business.

Vision.   Of course if you don’t have ideas you can’t innovate and develop.    Working together.  He had a charming line about if you can change 1% of the people on any issue you’ve come a great way.   He’s right.   It’s not always easy, but the only way to improve something; especially if it’s not achieving its goals is to change it.

Working together and supporting each other.   Now this is the magic bullet.  This is what truly makes things go.  This is something we at CFN have been trying to do in our community for nearly three years now; and this is where leadership from the top down can come into play.

Is Biz Fest in Cornwall going to be a success?  Well that depends on how you define success?   But kudos to anyone that tries, and as Gerry said:

You can’t just do it once a year.  You need to get together and make things happen every day.

 The real question is if any of the leaders in the VIP room was listening…or cared….or will do anything to change things for the better.    Listening to Gilles Latour, President of  Team Cornwall complain to the crowd instead of leading and innovating and making sure that  more productive work is done to improve our city is tantamount.    For me that means more inclusion of others.   Beating back the “cliques”, and realizing that making things better isn’t just for yourself, but for everyone.

I know I’m always looking for positive people to work with in our community as there really is great opportunity and hope as Cornwall continues its transformation.

Special Kudos to the TD bank for sponsoring the VIP evening!

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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  1. How was the turnout? I would love to see what’s happening but I am running my new store alone right now and can’t leave!

    Does anyone feel like the “Occupy” movement applies all over including Cornwall? Where 1% of the population controls almost everything! I think its true here in Cornwall were 1% or approximately 500 people control or influence local politicians and decision makers!

    I personally take issue with how Cornwall’s elite children are treated as if they have accomplished much but in reality all that they have done is inheret their forefathers fortune! Many of whom are wonderful people but accomplishment and recognition should be awarded to those who have worked for it and haven’t “bought” the award!

    All in all, it’s good to see something new but sometimes starting off smaller and growing into a large event could be easier to control!

    Mike Bedard

  2. I’m somewhat new to the area myself, but have been very impressed by the vitality and size of the local Chamber of Commerce who is putting on Bizfest. Impressed enough with Bizfest that I’ve signed up to give a Wednesday afternoon workshop there called Surviving in an Information Universe: What Business Needs to Know About Privacy Law. And impressed enough with the community that I’ve decided to open a law practice here, becoming a member of the local business community.

    I’ve lived or worked in every Canadian province, and Cornwall has many comparative advantages from an economic growth perspective, including geography, bilingualism, infrastructure and growing cultural diversity. But working together towards a common goal is certainly key.

    Gordon Scott Campbell

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