Habs Sabred 3-1 as they near the bottom of the standings – Sens lose 7-2 to Philly – NHL Scores – October 19, 2011

CFN –  Watching the Habs off-season moves and early season performance has me nearly yearning for the days of Rejean Houle.  Just kidding  🙂  I worked for Reggie.  I would never yearn for those days again, but this roster is clearly showing it’s not ready for Prime Time.

You can blame Carey Price or PK Subban, but Hockey is a team sport.  Yes, a star can carry you, but overall it’s he sum total of the parts that make the day.   IF you have a strong roster on the ice it forces the opposition to spread itself thinner.

If you do a Reggie Houle and fill your bottom lines with bits and pieces that probably shouldn’t be in he NHL you get are in jeopardy of  falling behind Winnipeg!

The Habs fell to Buffalo at the Bell Centre last night by the score of 3-1.   Yes there are some good signs on this team.  Max Pacioretty is really looking like the real deal.   Carey Price, who I’ve criticized is looking like the real deal too although I still don’t see him long term in this city.

There are some other good signs, but the bottom line is that GM Pierre Gauthier has made some decisions that are really coming home to haunt him early in the season and these games do count when during the last few seasons Montreal has needed one game to make the play offs.

Montreal is sorely missing the stability that Roman Hamrlik gave them for four seasons.  It’s missing a face off guy like Jeff Halpern.    Those are the easy ones.   The difference between winners and losers is how you deal with adversity.

This is Pierre Gauthier’s acid test.     He needs to help his coaching staff right the ship.   The current roster is showing that it needs help as there were issues before injuries, but right now immediate help is needed.

What do you think Hab fans?  Will help happen anytime soon?  You can post your comments below.

In other NHL scores Ottawa gave up 7 goals in their loss to Philly.   While many Sens fans knew this was going to be a very long year these spankings of late are not something anyone expected; especially with their veteran defense and goal tender.

LA shut out St. Louis 5-0.   Chicago 5 Phoenix 2; Ryan Kessler’s return was anti-climactic as the Rangers shut them down and out 4-0 in spite of the nucks out shooting the Rangers 40-19.   Former Hab Ryan McDonagh scored a goal and was plus 3 for the night.

Calgary edged Edmonton 2-1; Pittsburgh doubled Minnesota 4-2 without Crosby or Malkin;  Dallas nicked Columbus 3-2 and Washington shut out the Florida 3-0.  Former Hab Jeff Halpern was 8-1 in the face off circle.

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