Jail n Bail Fundraiser for the S.D.&G. & Prescott Russell Unit of the Canadian Cancer Society a Blast! October 24, 2011

Busted for Disturbing the Peace by OPP Constable Theresa Lauzon

CFN –   If you’re going to get taken to the slammer what better way to go than to raise money for a good cause by a delightfully friendly officer of the law?    It was a good day to raise money for Cancer as I was busted for Disturbing the Peace for the Jail n Bail Fundraiser.


I had to offer the people I called for donations the option of bailing me out or keeping me in, but I was able to raise $325 and had a blast!

My cell mate for a time was St. Lawrence College Cornwall Campus dean, Don Fairweather who brought his criminal attorney with him as you can see in the picture!

It was a great time and great event.  To learn more about our local branch of the Canadian Cancer Society branch CLICK HERE. 

Cornwall Free News


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