It’s time to Enforce the Wearing of Visors in the NHL – Pronger Injury Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – October 26, 2011

CFN – Chris Pronger has inflamed the debate about visors for NHL players.   There’s this whole drama about “forcing” players to wear this eye protection, and then union talk, but it’s all rhetoric to me.

It’s ridiculous; especially in this cap age for this sort of injury to occur.   The NHL and the NHLPA need to stop dancing and agree on a plan; probably something similar to what they did with Helmets.  IE grand-father in those current players that refuse to wear one.

I think there are a lot of ramifications though for players like Pronger.   With a seasonal investment near the cap ceiling losing a large chunk of your team hurts the owner of the team.  It hurts the value of the contracts of his team mates who may not have as good a season without him, and for season ticket holders they lose value into what they paid for.

Now hockey is a rough sport.  Injuries will always be a part of the game; but surely there should be some onus on players and teams to make it as safe as possible; especially with salaries as high as they are and hockey as expensive to support as it is?

It’s time that little boys become big boys and realize that they are not just “playing” hockey; but they are performing at a level that draws millions of people and millions of dollars.

That playing hockey will allow them to earn vast fortunes that the average person will never have and ensure they and their families security.


It’s time that they respect not only all that they have to gain, but all that fans and supporters invest in them by putting on their visors and making sure that injuries such as he one that Chris Pronger just sustained become a distant memory.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor of the Cornwall Free News, and former Montreal Canadiens employee.

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