The Sad Death of Parrot the Dog at the Hands of Washington DC Police Officer Scott Fike. Is it time for Muzzle laws for Dogs in Public? POLL – October 30, 2011 UPDATED

CFN –   That was Parrot.   Parrot was an innocent victim of our society of irresponsibility and accountability.     We live in a world where we simply make bad decisions with rarely an afterthought.  A world where “I’m sorry” is far too often a get out of jail free card.

I own a Rottweiler.   She’s an amazing dog that’s not only never hurt another person; she’s never hurt another animal.  She’s been attacked and she’s bled and while she could snap the little dogs that have attacked her in two never even defended herself in anger.  She’s an amazing creature; but because she’s a Rottweiler she’d be the target of any incident.

My girl is going to be 11 this year, but I knew the day I took her home at seven weeks of age that I would have to take steps to make sure that not only would she be safe, but that others would too .   That took a lot of patience and training.

Not every dog owner does that.   People think puppies are cute, and then we end up with shelters full of animals that have to be put to death.  Again, responsibility and accountability.      It breaks my heart as much as it probably breaks many of you reading this that animals are treated the way they are.

Rotties, btw, are the dog I’d recommend for anyone who wants to raise their children with a dog.   They have insanely attuned protection instincts without being aggressive.


When I saw that picture of Parrot at the top of the page it broke my heart.  I couldn’t imagine what this poor dog was going through.  Dogs are not humans.  They are not meant to be knelt on as Officer Fike was doing.   It must have been excruciating.   For poor Parrot to then be tossed down a flight of stairs and shot…..there simply are no words to share the emotions I feel.  Even typing this is shaking me to my core.

What have we become?

In Europe dogs get around a bit more than here in Canada and the US.  They have muzzle laws.    It makes a lot of sense and when dogs are raised with muzzles, it’s like when I grab the leash in my house.  It’s an exciting moment where my dog knows she’s going to go outside and adventure in the yard or on the rare times I will take her to public places.

Maybe it’s time to force dog owners to muzzle their animals when outside?  I think it certainly might limit incidents like this one.

Fox TV Report in this LINK

Excerpt of police report in Parrot incident.

There are various accounts of what happened and this incident will play out.    The Lucky Dog Animal Rescue that was fostering Parrot out filed a complaint against the 25 year veteran officer that murdered Parrot.  There’s been an update and that an investigation of the officer will take place.

We have just heard from the DC office of police complaints and they have concluded their investigation.  They have determined that Officer Fike was not justified in shooting Parrot, and have referred the case to the US Attorney’s office. 

What happens now should be interesting.   It won’t help Parrot.  It won’t help the people that witnessed this.   We live in a violent world where life is becoming less and less important to far too many people.   We as a society have to make some decisions before the next “Parrot” incident isn’t to a dog, but to an innocent human.

If you want to learn more about Parrot click HERE to visit his tribute page.   And if you’re considering getting a pet please consider that it’s a lifetime commitment; not yours, but the animal’s.  And if you do decide to get a pet please consider adopting from a shelter and help make innocent animal’s lives better.

In the mean time Parrot’s plight has gone viral on the internet.  Facebook and twitter are abuzz and the out rage from people are very clear.

What do you think about muzzle laws for dogs in public?  You can post your comments below.   You can also vote in our poll below.

If found guilty what should happen to the Officer that murdered Parrot the dog?

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UPDATE October 31, 2011

Here is the detailed complaint against Officer Pike from the Shelter including allegations that this was not the first time Officer Pike shot a dog.


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  1. “We live in a violent world where life is becoming less and less important to far too many people. We as a society have to make some decisions before the next “Parrot” incident isn’t to a dog, but to an innocent human” – no tears, no up roar, no emotion for the thousands of unborn “humans” slaughtered each year all for the cause of human freedom! I like dogs, we have two of them, but I love my children more. Why should dogs have rights, and the unborn treated like garbage? I understand the injustice of the event, and hopefully the police officer will be held accountable. But when will the abortion butchers be held accountable for mass genocide?

    Gen 1:26 -27 ” And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them”.

  2. Author

    Tom Serial killers that have been studied start out usually abusing animals. That’s where it starts.

  3. tnpreacher, this has nothing to do with the controversy surrounding abortions. If you want to spread your biased opinion on that subject, you should do so where it is relevant. You shouldn’t be ranting about something that you consider wrong and be unable to even comment on the tragic end that this dog’s life met. It has nothing to do with your children or with “the unborn.” You can’t even call “the unborn” human without the quotation marks, so what are you even going on about then? Grow up.

    Anyway, animals that are typically known to be aggressive are misunderstood which is unfortunate. Maybe he reacted in the way he thought fit. You’re right though. There’s no way any sane person can see that throwing a scared animal down concrete steps and then shooting it is an appropriate reaction. He wouldn’t have done it to a human, why do it to an animal? Maybe muzzle laws would be a good solution to consider.

  4. Is this your logic – so the abortion butchers started out first by aborting dogs?

  5. Just out of curiosity, is there a reason you don’t mention the actual date of the incident in your story? It happened over a year ago; not recently as your story and a bunch of others imply..

  6. I’m an animal lover too, and for that I will surly burn in hell. I have the good fortune to have cats, dogs, cows, horses and chickens and a Guinea bird. They are all special and deserve respect and the best care possible. If somebody ever did this to one of my animals, I’d be in jail for a long time.

  7. “According to the report, 93,755 children were aborted in 2009, down slightly from the revised 2008 figure of 95,876. The report notes, however, that data for abortions in British Columbia clinics is again incomplete”- [].

    No tears, no up roar, no emotion for the thousands of unborn “humans” slaughtered each year all for the cause of human freedom! I like dogs, we have two of them, but I love my children more. Why should dogs have rights, and the unborn treated like garbage?

  8. Rather than foaming at the mouth and blathering on about a totally different subject, why doesn’t the preacher submit a letter to be published? Equating environmentalists and dog lovers and tree huggers etc with abortionists is getting a little tired.

  9. Furtz- No I would not equate dog lovers with abortionists. Your thinking is twisted, again! The point of the logic goes back to the admin’s post! Did you read it? I have kept to the topic – Why don’t we make the same uproar for the injustices done to the unborn? Make an uproar about this event- sure, but let us hear a great out cry against the injustices that the unborn have to suffer. Why are we silent?

    “No tears, no up roar, no emotion for the thousands of unborn “humans” slaughtered each year all for the cause of human freedom! I like dogs, we have two of them, but I love my children more. Why should dogs have rights, and the unborn treated like garbage? Why don’t we make the same uproar for the injustices done to the unborn?”

  10. The preacher is saying that someone else’s thinking is twisted? Hilarious!

  11. Re the poll. I would add a fifth choice. He should be thrown down some stairs, pissed on, and then shot.

  12. Author

    Now Furtz, he didn’t pee on the dog…

  13. True, he probably didn’t pee on the dog, but if the story is accurate, I’d say that a little public humiliation would be in order before he was shot.

  14. This is very sad and tragic. I can’t believe anyone would do such a thing to an animal much less a police officer. OMG! if he goes to such extreme with an animal what in the world would he do to a human being? If the above accounts of what happen are indeed true then IMO this is one very disturbed and sick individual who has no business being a police officer or carrying a gun. This man needs to answer for this crime for anyone else carrying out such an act would be charged with multiple charges. I feel this man should be charged and convicted to the fullest extent of the law for animal cruelty, unlawful force, police brutality, and murder in cold blood. Police officers such as this are what the words LOW LIFE/Jerry Springer Reject really means. Officer Fike I personally would feel safer with YOU off the streets.

  15. Once again, this marks a case of overly emotional and anti-police people not doing the full research on the situation. The dog DID have a past involving aggressive behavior, and there were at least half a dozen witnesses who testified that it not only threatened to lunge at Officer Fike, but had been growling menacingly at people who simply happened to be near the dog and its owner, including a child. As is often the case, only a few responsible segments of the media chose to report the entire account. Police are highly trained in animal control, and are easily able to distinguish an animal in distress from one that is a menace. Otherwise, police would be killing dogs all over the place and every day. Officer Fike was COMPLETELY JUSTIFIED in his reaction, as anyone who has been viciously attacked by a dog would be quick to attest. I am glad to find that no action was taken against him, and if anything, he should be commended for his bravery, quick thinking, and skill. Good man, Officer!

  16. I am really amused by the knee jerk reactions of these bleeding hearts whom are not even attuned to the entire series of events surrounding this incident. This PIT BULL was about to slice apart a poodle belonging to another spectator, growled threateningly at a woman with a baby stroller, and was poised to lunge at Officer Fike. When are people going to realize that animals are not treated in the same manner in these situations as are humans? Moreover, to all those jerks demanding that this HEROIC OFFICER be fired or even done physical harm simply over a slaughtered devil pooch, consider this: the good Officer Fike is still on the job, has been commended by his department as well as various officials and average citizens, and hopefully is thumbing his nose at the likes of you. Tough doo-doo for Parrot, he got just what he deserved for threatening a policeman.

  17. Ok…so, some of you think the officer was justified in killing the dog. From what I can tell from this picture, he had the dog under control. Was it really nessesary to kill him? I don’t think so. And from what I’ve read elsewhere, Parrot’s owner had been hit by a car. The dog didn’t want anyone going near his owner. Parrot was distressed. Regardless, the dog shouldn’t have been killed. Something else could have been done to ensure the safety of the people as well as the dog.

  18. Tell that tough cop to come on down to my house and try that with one of my dogs, pleaseeeeeee.

  19. Bottom line and sad reality is that if this dog (and others that have suffered the same fate) had been wearing a muzzle this article would not have been written. People seem to forget that animals act out of instinct not by rational and therefore the muzzle serves a dual purpose. Common sense in other parts of the world. We need to catch up and protect our pets responsibly if we truly love them.

  20. Author

    David while I agree with you regarding the muzzle this officers actions went far above the situations needs. Once the dog was subdued there was no reason for the excessive and abusive actions. For example if the animal had been a threat and the officer shot the dog it would have been far more humane. To kneel down on the back of the dog and then do what he did was just wrong.

  21. Scott Fike is a spineless piece of shit. It takes a big man to take down a dog. Coward.

  22. @ADMIN

    Hindsight being 20/20 vision it might suggest that if the officer had that moment in time again he might very well react differently. That same could be said of us all . Judging another is perhaps the easiest thing for most to do while examining our own flaws perhaps the hardest. I think that most would agree that Scott Fike committed himself to an action that will follow him all the days of his life. Has that happened to anyone else do you think?

    When I read I truly appreciate the varying opinions that I encounter, they lend a perspective that shapes ultimately who we become and how we view the world around us. The judgements, personally, I can live more comfortably without is all.

  23. This is why we have stun guns and not real guns in the UK, how can you subdue an out of control dog? The owner tried, he bit him.. The policeman then tried by force, parrot was still a threat and (although I don’t agree he should have been put down) there was no options left. What else could he do?

  24. If this was my dog and this officer did this I would have warned the officer once to get up off my dog, if he did not comply the next thing that would have happened would be me kicking the shit out of the officer, I would not have cared about being arrested.

    Some if not most cops {MODERATED}.

  25. Often times, we don’t take the moment to see the giant number five right in front the subway. Isn’t that what life is all about, linking legos to mirrors with just molten lead? If I had been in the same situation, acne walrus toothpaste. Yes or No?

    P.S: Trees also as well with crayons, too.

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