Letter to the Editor – Charley Urbane of Port Elgin Ontario Doesn’t Like Wind Turbines – November 3, 2011

And The Finger Points To


Let’s take a closer look at who is really responsible for the pollution that’s causing this alleged “Global Warming” or “Climate Change”.


Who’s manufacturing cars, buses, trains, ships and planes with polluting engines, that we are forced to use?


Who’s having huge crude oil spills, building coal, oil, gas fired plants, strip mining, refineries and nuclear reactors that are putting out massive amounts of radioactive toxic gases and who continues cutting down all the forests of the world causing untold pollution?


And now, complete with threats of an ice age or be burned to a cinder or drowned if we don’t use them. Who’s manufacturing the industrial wind turbines that operate at less than 30 percent efficiency, harm people, totally ruin the land, kills our wild life (over 600,000 birds per year) also causes massive amounts of more and new pollution and they are not reliable without having an air polluting backup system?


It is now time to point the finger at the real offenders, “Big Business and Governments”, for allowing this and “Not Us”.


Wind turbines are not about saving our planet; they are not “Clean, Reliable or even Green”. It’s about money for “Huge Profits Only!

Charley Urbane – Port Elgin Ontario

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  1. Industrial wind turbines (which are bigger than the pictured one) can be put up and running in a couple of months so there is not the big rush and cost needed.A major issue for me with these going up is the location.
    Put them away from people, farm land and migratory bird / animals, or failing that, on all Liberal provincial MPP’s homes. However each of these things need about 2.5 acres!
    Another issue is health, where is the proof that these are safe.

    Why has the province not looked into buying electricty from Quebec and Manitoba?

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