Letter to the Editor – John E Milnes of South Stormont Ontario Attacks the Harper Government – November 3, 2011

CFN – Our Canadian Conservative government should be renamed.  More appropriately it should be known as the Confidence Trickster Party of Canada [CTPC].  Since this appears very harsh, even to my eyes, perhaps I should explain, particularly for the benefit of all those who put the ‘Tricksters’ in power.
The governing party constantly tells us it is managing our economy very well.  How, I wonder, can they reconcile this with the reality we are a nation whose finances have been in deficit from BEFORE the time when the world’s economy was shattered.  Canada presently has 850,000 citizens who cannot even afford to buy the makings for a breakfast – the higest number in the country’s history.  As well, to our disgrace, there are entire communities without clean drinking water, the responsibility for which rests directly with the federal government.
I suppose, on the basis of the old philosophy, ‘if you keep telling the same story, people will believe it” the CTPC are proving their point.  In common with a proven past performance, where lies are the accepted mantra, it is not too difficult for the present crop of federal politicians to live with their distortions of the truth.  To prove the point they got a majority and can now rule, as they wish, until the next election.  However, the dirty methods used to try and destroy any political party that has the audacity to oppose them seem to be failing.  The Liberal Party appears to be rising from the ashes and the NDP is far from dying.
Sadly, from their lofty position in power, the CTPC can easily eliminate valuable programs that serve the public need.  They have destroyed the long form census, a societal tool proven to be most useful to many organizations.   This public service fact finder served the needs of many but because it was capable of providing clear evidence that the CTPC was failing the public at large, it had to go.  Next we have the Long Gun Registry, unfortunately mismanaged by past Liberal governments, thus providing the platform the CTPCs needed to remove it. 
No matter the program was now at manageable costs; no matter the Chief of Police in every municipality considered it a valuable tool, no matter most provinces valued the program, IT HAS TO GO.  Not content with eliminating this valuable policing tool the CTPC has determined it should destroy all the data collected on the public purse so provincial governments might be denied the opportunity to access this already existent information.  Obviously, the CTPC recognizes that if the data is allowed to exist it will eventually prove how wrong they were to kill the program.
This is somewhat reminiscent of the actions of a previous CTPC government that killed the Avro Arrow aircraft and destroyed all the pertinent plans; blueprints that surrounded this fantastic Canadian achievement, without a vestige of evidence it would be detrimental to the citizens of Canada.  Today, the present CTPC is negotiating with a company in the United States to purchase F35 fighter jets that cannot, according to the aeronautical experts, do what the Avro Arrow could do.  The net result is the Canadian taxpayers paid for the evolution of the world’s finest fighter aircraft, destroyed it and are now set to buy something inferior, with even more Canadian taxpayers’ dollars.  Canadians must have suffered a moment of mental instability when they elected these manipulators to a majority government.
What is the next step?  The CTPC has excessive amounts of money in its political coffers.  The lesser affluent parties have difficulty achieving such financial stability since many of their supporters are unable to donate large sums of money. So,  in order to achieve their goal of removing any opposition the CTPC plans on taking away the subsidy for the other political parties.  The ultimate aim is to provide the opportunity for a dictatorship since, without any opposition parties, there is NO democracy.  Incredibly, there are thousands in the Middle East who have lost their lives fighting so they might have a democracy.  It surely is a strange world!
It is time for Canadians to wake up and look around.  See what the present political team is doing for YOU.  Join a party that can do something for YOU, the ordinary person in our society – it is your life, your childrens’ lives and your grandchildens’ lives that you MUST vote for. 
John E. Milnes
South Stormont 

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  1. I guess you could always live in Greece if you think Harper is doing bad

  2. It’s a little late for the Liberal party to be “rising from the ashes”. Let’s hope they will stop their infighting long enough to become relevant again.They deserve to be in in the basement right now, but look where they have left us! We’re stuck with fundamentalist right wing government with pretty much absolute power thanks to the LPC.

  3. Even before the long gun registry, people had to take a course, pass a test, and get a firearms acquisition certificate. This was needed to purchases guns and or ammunition. There have been restrictions on hand guns much longer, however criminals have been know to bypass rules, so that is of little help until the charges are laid.

    The number of “uses” by Police to access the database is misleading. When an access request is made, several databases are searched giving higher numbers for each one.

    With privacy laws in Canada, getting rid of the information is a must. Besides the information was gathered for a purpose only. to make the government look like they were doing something.

    Anyone who has been involved with a couple of layoffs, can see how companies can cut back. Finding 2 or 3% of staff reductions, program cuts, freeze salary and or bonus and the like would not be as painful as one would expect.
    Stop the 1,000 dollar bilingual bonus, that would be a few million after you also cut the adminstration involved with dishing it out.

    Taxpayers are broke, serious changes must be made, and start with F35’s,

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