Truffles Burger Bar Closer to Opening in Downtown Cornwall Ontario – November 6, 2011

Chef Ahmad showing where new fixtures will be.

CFN – Not a week goes by when we don’t get asked about when the new Truffles Burger Bistro will return to Cornwall.   The restaurant was a lighting hit in the downtown core of Cornwall Ontario before it tragically caught fire.   The new Truffles boasts a much larger kitchen, much larger seating capacity and the bar alone will be extended from 20 to 32′.   In addition their second floor will be available for banquets and special occasions.

Truffle Burger

Partners Ahmad Mansori and Dominique Gilgen who also share Eight Zero Zero have been hard at work on the myriad of details that have to happen before they can open again on Pitt Street.


Ms Gilgen also announced in the video that she will be putting her name forward in the upcoming Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce elections.   The current board only has one member out of twelve.

We will be updating you on Truffles as more news is available!

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  1. What a relief! Soon – no more McDonalds….

  2. Oh come on Harry. There had to be a better alternative than McPuke.

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