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On most flights there are only two pilots in the flight deck. If one of the pilots becomes sick or incapacitated in some way during a flight, can the other pilot land the airplane by himself?Question asked by Julie.


In Canada, both the pilot in command and the co-pilot are equally qualified to fly the airplane.  Either pilot could land the airplane by himself in an emergency situation. They each have an identical set of controls and instruments to fly the airplane.
The pilots normally alternate the flying duties. The pilot in command will fly one flight, then the co-pilot will fly the next flight. They both must maintain their proficiency and recency by working a required minimum number of flights and take-offs and landings in each 90 day period.
If a pilot does not meet these minimum requirements, he or she must fly with a supervisory pilot until the minimum requirements are met, or the pilot must successfully complete a prescribed program in a flight simulator.

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