Happy 31st to Cornwall Ontario’s Ryan Gosling! November 12, 2011

CFN –   Ryan Gosling grew up in Cornwall.  It’s a long way from the River City to Hollywood and now he’s one of the hottest actor’s in film.   He also was a producer and narrated the documentary ReGeneration.   Today Ryan turns 31.


Ryan studied Drama and Fine Arts here at CCVS after being home schooled by his mother.    A break at an audition in Montreal for the Mickey Mouse club led to his career with roles in movies like The Believer;  The Notebook with fellow Canuck Rachel McAdams, and his most recent;  The Ides of March.

Sadly the city has not chose to honour Mr. Gosling by including him in their film artists page on the Choosecornwall website….but I have a hunch that won’t slow his career down.

Ryan Gosling on the IMDB.

Busy Ryan has four credits coming out in 2012 and 2013.     The Place Behind the Pines with the Yummy Eva Mendes, Bradley Cooper (The Hangover) and Bruce Greenwood; the LA Confidential like Gangster Squad with also stars Emma Stone and a huge cast.   Lawless with Christian Bale and one of my faves, Cate Blanchett!

A bit about the Gangster Squad (not the trailer)


Well done Ryan and Happy 31st!   And it’s be wild if you did the film version of “Dirty Town Under a Crooked Bridge.”

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