Couponing with Carine! Check out the Savings! November 13, 2011

CFN Welcome back couponers! With the holiday’s approaching I have been busier then ever so I may have to skip some weeks on the column but my goal is two give you something by-weekly. I may also not be able to give you a break down of everything on sale as it takes hours to do so. Not to worry I will be providing links on flyers and coupons.I want to talk today about price matching. If you find a store who price matches you just cut your weekly shop by a few hours.  Especially with gas prices soaring, or if your like me in Ottawa and it seems like there’s a 100 miles between every grocery store its important to try and shop where they price match. I don’t like giving out free advertising but there is a certain big box store that is very strong on price matching.

I save my weekly flyers and when I go to shop bring them with me and have them price match the items that are on sale at other stores. Combining them with coupons available  I maximize my savings without running all around to every grocery store just to maybe save 1$ on one item.

Just tonight I went to my favorite big box store and slashed 21.00$ of my total.  Just buy going to the websites and that offer coupons and saving the coupon inserts from newspapers.

This time I mostly saved on toilet paper, cleaning products, bread, and candles. I have been saving on most of these items every week.  The trick is not to be brand loyal. If an item is on sale and you have a coupon try it. Even if it’s not a brand your use to using chances are it’s just as good.  One week you might have a coupon for Brand A bread and the next week Brand B. In the end bread is bread and if you’re serious about saving some money you’ll buy the different brand.

Unfortunately I didn’t get 1000$ worth of product for 2.00$ but by taking 30 minutes out of my week to save my flyers, order my coupons online, and save and clip the coupons from the news paper inserts I saved 21.00$. Not bad for 30 minutes work.

Happy Couponing!


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