So How Much has CAO Paul Fitzpatrick Cost the City of Cornwall with his heavy handed leadership? November 13, 2011

CFN – A report was written this past week by our Economic Development team.  I’ve always thought that term a bit odd for Mr. Peters and Boileau as they certainly have not done anything to help develop CFN.

CAO Paul Fitzpatrick

I’ve been told that the first ad we had from the city was just to get us out of their office.  We had to fight for every bit of advertising CFN has ever had from the city.

That’s life and reality.   However this report is consistent of a certain manner of handling things at City Hall.

Citizens elect a mayor and council to represent them.  They in turn hire people to run the city which of course is essentially a large  corporation.

Recently Cornwall has been in the press over two labour issues; one regarding Diane Shay and one regarding  Mary Anne Pilon.

The handling of those cases have now cost the city an awful lot of money.   Costs taxpayers an awful lot of money.   But these are only the cases that hit the media.  What about the ones that get buried?  What about the secret deal with Ms Shay?  Non disclosure agreements are not things that should be the standard for any city.

If Project Truth did anything it showed that the public doesn’t have an appetite for all of these back alley deals that cost the city millions.    Heck, because of one single letter an awful lot of money was spent on the Benson Centre as an EA (environmental assessment) costs an awful lot more than an ESA.  (environmental site assessment)

I doubt that Mr. Paul Fitzpatrick’s contract is as iron clad as Mr. Menagh’s who was thrown under the bus a bit in this story written by certain people at city hall’s favorite drinking buddy Claude McIntosh.  LINK

The city hall manager, front and centre in both cases, is Human Resources Manager Robert Menagh.

Right or wrong, he is being perceived in some quarters as city hall’s attack dog.

No question that he is a skilled contract negotiator, but there are some questions about his approach to the human resources side of the job.

See that’s how the media works.   But all attack dogs are on leashes and who holds that leash is ultimately the one that should be responsible.

In the report hastily written up after we appealed to council last week after city management decided on their own policy of not advertising online with sites with anonymous comments the mayor and council were asked if it was city council and the mayor or city management that made policy in Cornwall.

The result was this report set to be tabled at council Monday night.

A review of local news websites show that only two allow anonymous posts: the Standard-Freeholderand the Cornwall Free News. Both sites have some moderation of comments, but a review of activity over the past several months have led staff to concur with the generalized assessment of the practice by the American Journalism Review: “Comment sections are often packed with profanity, and vicious personal attacks.”

The report also suggests we aren’t moderated when Mr. Peter’s knows that we pre-moderate all posts on our site.   Again, is there some reason to smear CFN in this manner?

You see Mr. Peter’s didn’t need council’s approval to not advertise with us; but this constant stream of heavy handed bullying reared its ugly head.   Mr. Menagh btw, had nothing to do with this report.   However Mr. Fitzpatrick’s signature is on it.

There’s an old adage about if you really want to know where the flow of something emanates from you follow the money.   You follow the decisions.

Those all lead to Mr. Paul Fitzpatrick.   And that ladies and gentleman is a huge problem in many people’s opinion for the city of Cornwall.   Back alley decisions never making public.   Hours spent in council debating $800 line items while thousands go down the drain.

Again, from what I’ve heard “Fitzy’s” contract is easier to break than Mr. Menagh who probably deserves better than the maligning he’s received in the media.

It’s time to say the Emperor is naked.  It’s time to shine some lights at what’s going on.  It’s time for people to stand up and say something’s wrong and point their fingers.

If you remotely feel this way I encourage you to attend city council in Cornwall Monday night at 7 PM.  Corner of 4th and Pitt Street.

I know I’ll be there and to reach city council and contact them to share how you feel here is the link to the council page.   LINK 

Thanks to all for the support we’ve received from you our most valued viewers since our first story went live.

We’ll be updating from City council Monday night.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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  1. Cornwall I can attest that Jamie does in fact moderate the posts. I have the emails to prove it as well.

    It sounds more like the city is looking to bully people into not mentioning opinions. That is perhaps why we use a pseudonym. However in my case it is more n acronym.

    I wonder if this was discussed by Paul and friends out in Lancaster at the big house or at the club?

  2. Thanks for being honest about that Smee. There are a lot more posters out there who have been moderated. Even on one poster by the pseudonym of Antagonizer stated his dislike for the moderation that Jamie had practiced on his posts.

    I think this policy that the city managers want to implement is simply a means to an end and that end is to hurt or destroy our little news service.

  3. OMG! Has the world stopped spinning on its axis? Smee and I are in agreement!

  4. Author

    Deep down I don’t think any of this has to do with Anonymous posts. I think this has to do with someone lacking a grasp of how to conduct themselves professionally which is why those handful of people should not be in the positions they are in.

  5. Reg
    I think a little honesty could come from this blog as well. In some instances you are no different then the rest. You post what you agree with.

    No Rick the world has not stopped, You are seeing it spin my way.

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