There is more than one villain in the Jerry Sandusky case – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – November 16, 2011

CFN  –  Penn State has had a long and proud football program.  That has come crashing  down around them and tarnished the name of the school forever after former coach Jerry Sandusky was charged with doing nasties with

former Penn State Coach Joe Paterno

young boys and students.    Legendary Head Coach Joe Paterno was fired and the spin has been in full gear.

Bob Costas interviewed Sandusky.    LINK      With over 40 counts and an awful lot of fingers being pointed the picture looks pretty clear.   Yes, it looks like Mr. Sandusky is an evil person who abused his position of authority with young people for some “Horseplay” in the showers as he termed it.   I kinda wonder what his definition of horseplay is and hope that he doesn’t own any horses.

The real villains in this case are coach Paterno and those that allowed this to happen.   You don’t have chronic circumstances like this just pop out.  How many Jerry Sandusky’s are tolerated?     And of course this goes far beyond this one case.  Sure sodomizing young boys is an easy optic.  We all know that’s it’s wrong; especially if you have a child.   Taking advantage of people is always wrong.

So what is the motivation of those that sit idly by and say nothing when they know a horrible act is being done.  Is there a line of toleration?   Is it fear for losing their job?  Is it laziness because they just don’t want to bother?   Have people become so desensitized that they could allow things to occur and not care?

It can be simple things.  It can hear something; even gossip or lies about someone and not say anything.   It can simply be not confronting the truth.

What Jerry Sandusky allegedly has done is wrong at the strongest levels, but he’s not the only monster.   Those that sheltered his alleged crimes and secrets have blood on their hands and that’s how people from the Jerry Sandusky’s to the petty tyrants the much our society win.

If we learn anything from this sorry instance it’s that we can’t tolerate wrong.  We can’t tolerate evil.   And yes, sometimes we have to stand up to things even if it means paying a price.

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  1. There was a discussion on the CBC today about this topic and a parallel was drawn to the Project Truth issue in Cornwall. The real problem is when those in authority decide not to pursue allegations because it is inconvenient or it might damage a friend’s or institution’s reputation.

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