“Eat, Fry, Love” Video featuring William Shatner by Reg Coffey – Happy & Safe Thanksgiving to our American Friends! November 17, 2011

Coffey's CoffeeCFN – State Farms Insurance has teamed up with William Shatner to bring this food safety tip to all the fans of deep fried turkeys. The timing of this press release is to coincide with the American Thanksgiving when a lot of turkeys get dunked in hot oil.

In my former career as a Food Technologist, most of my time was focussed on food safety. I even completed a large study for the Turkey Marketing Association basically revising the cooking time table for turkeys. In this study I proved that you don’t have to cook a turkey to the texture of well seasoned pine to be safe. However the focus of the safety aspect in my study was to eliminate food pathogens, bacteria or germs if you prefer.  In this press release we are talking about the physical act of deep frying a whole turkey over an open flame, preferably in the back yard.

There is a saying by the late great Science Fiction author Robert Heinlein that I have found to be a fact of life. Actually it was a quote from one of Mr. Heinlein characters and it goes like this, “Never Underestimate The Power of Human Stupidity”.  Deep frying turkeys I believe goes under that catergory.

After you watch the entertaining video please watch the more instructional video concerning fat fires that have occurred when less than attentive backyard cooks attempt to prepare this artery clogging seasonal dish.


But never fear, if you are sincerely bent on dining on a high cholesterol artery clogging turkey delight there is always bacon wrapped turkey. Just don’t deep fry it.

Heart Attack In A Roast Pan

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  1. A word of warning for Mr. Peters, the word “dingle-dangle” is used several times in this video. Given your apparent sensitive moral values you may not want to watch it.

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