Bowser & Blue in Cornwall Ontario – Review by Jacqueline Milner – November 19, 2011

CFN – George Bowser and Rick Blue, better known as Bowser and Blue were in Cornwall, Ontario yesterday evening.  This musical, comedic, Canadian dynamic duo from Quebec were invited guests for a fundraiser benefiting Crime Stoppers.  The image featured here pictures a Cornwall audience member who was invited on stage to demonstrate the game of “bum darts”.   

The “bum dart” song sure gave the audience’s laughing muscles a good stretch while describing how to play this silly game. Hold a coin in your bum cheeks then deposit it in a designated target, in this case a bowl on stage.   Couldn’t resist pulling out my point and shoot camera from my purse to catch this opportune shot. 

Hats off to Bowser & Blue who bring such amazing talent to the stage.  Awesome instrumentals; guitar, harmonica and banjo, stellar harmonies, entertaining theatre and above all else, intelligent, “laugh out loud” comedy.  Thank you for a wonderful evening Bowser & Blue.  

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