A Look at Failed NDP Provincial Candidate Elaine MacDonald and the Virtues of Politicans – November 26, 2011

CFN – Politics make strange bedfellows.   It also creates unique and strange dilemmas.   Sometimes you have to vote for things you don’t personally believe in or sit in silence as you watch an injustice.    However when you look at a larger sampling of decisions certain tendencies show.

The header photo in this story is from our video from this story.     This isn’t about our sleazy MP.   That’s old news.  That’s for a whole other story, but as you can see in the video you had councilor Syd Gardiner try and run interference for Mr. Lauzon and you had Ms MacDonald; NDP hand maiden; head of the Labour Council and Kumbaya Queen of Cornwall sitting idly within earshot of the entire episode.

Ms MacDonald is now in her second term on council.  Her decisions and votes have been very non NDP’ish including her being the deciding vote to convert the Glengarry Apartment complex into condos.

Consistent though with some of the decisions made by some politicians though she and councilor Gardiner voiced their opinions over Online Anonymity at the last council meeting.


See some of the trending going on?    Councilor Gardiner recently and loudly shared burning grudge over CFN endorsing candidates in the Municipal election.  When that argument was shot down I was accused of only endorsing those that bought advertising.    I shared that Syd was just upset that we didn’t endorse him.   That we endorsed candidates that didn’t purchase advertising and of course didn’t endorse some that did.

Ms MacDonald I won’t even start to discuss as time and space are limited and the depths of some of her decisions are boggling; enough so that even though we showed a lot of  love and  care to the local NDP we’re in the process of  re-evaluating  our editorial position to them both Federally and Provincially.

Now Cornwall is about the be the beneficiary of a large unionized facility in Quebec being shut down and moved to Cornwall.   The long time employees make about $24 per hour.  Because of giants like Walmart moving into different segments of our economy and destroying so much in their path so that people can buy cheaper unhealthy food.

The new jobs here in Cornwall will be much lower for the parent company to compete with the Walmart’s of the world.  Can you blame the new outfit?  They surely can’t compete with salaries nearly 40% more than the competition.   But the silence from the President of the Labour Council is a bit odorous.

Where is Ms MacDonald’s voice?  Where was it during the election?


At the 6:40 mark you can see how Ms MacDonald stated that she couldn’t take the five day Do the Math challenge during her campaign.

Sometimes being a politician isn’t easy.  Sometimes it’s just about how they communicate.   Sometimes they just are petty and unprincipled people.  Ultimately it’s up to the voters to either support them or not.

Ms MacDonald finished 3rd in the Provincial election in spite of the street buzz suggesting she’d win and the support of the mainstream media in the region to promote vote splitting.  (It worked)

I know many people wish and hope for honest politicians. Myself, I always prefer smart ones who look at the big picture and understand what it means to be a politician.

Today’s friend is tomorrows enemy and vice versa.  Maybe Ms MacDonald should’ve spent more time studying politics before the election than those French courses she took?  Issues count.  People remember and video never lies.

Politicians are elected to represent “all” of the people in their riding or area.    They are there because the majority of voters decided they are best to make important decisions for our community.   We need politicians who have the mettle to do just that even if it sometimes means not being popular or not taking out their petty frustrations or partisan politics on others.

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  1. Not really on topic, but why does that stop anyone….
    When will the business groups and council get together to form a letter to be sent to hundreds of business’s across Canada, explaining how cheap the electricty is, quality of life, space available and closeness to larger markets?

  2. Eric
    That is not likely to happen. If Economic Development and Council as well as local MP amd MPP’s promote Cornwall as a place of the future said entittes are in danger of loosing their status.

    With change comes new idean and minds….scary to a town run by small minds.

    That “change makes us uncomfortable” is now one of the most widely promoted, widely accepted, and underconsidered half-truths around…. It is not change by itself that makes us uncomfortable; it is not even change that involves taking on something very difficult. Rather, it is change that leaves us feeling defenseless before the dangers we “know” to be present that causes us anxiety

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