Cornwall Ontario City Council Holds Four Hour Secret Unannounced Meeting – We ask Questions – November 30, 2011

CAO Paul Fitzpatrick

CFN – Ring Ring.   I get a call telling me that there’s a secret meeting of council being held at city hall and to get myself and camera down.  Sure enough the chamber fills with all councilors in attendance as well as Mayor Kilger and the city clerk.

I was joined by Le Journal’s Greg Kielec as the only media to attend or discover the meeting.   I wish I could tell you what the meeting was about, but council went in camera immediately.

This unannounced meeting took nearly four hours with speculation of deliberation of the Diane Shay and other cases against the city and their cost.

Council Meeting Goes In Camera


Councilor Grant attempts to evict the media from City Hall


The  questions arising are so many as to boggle the average bear.   There are rumblings from city hall of issues with city management as council takes the heat for the results of management actions.

Our CAO, Mr. Fitzpatrick for instance was given a 14% raise by the last council, but many of this council were on board.  With the knowledge of the Shay case known to them how did they find it making fiscal sense to give a 14% raise; especially in light of the tax burden on the citizens both residential and especially commercial?

Is former Glen Stor Dun Lodge manager Donna Derochie still receiving payments even though she resigned?  If so why? Generally when someone resigns such payments don’t continue.  If there is a settlement it’s usually paid in one lump sum.  Why so much consideration especially in light of how much has been lost by the city in cases under her management?

In the Diane Shay case and other documents wording about the relationship between Mr. Fitzpatrick and Ms Shay are raised.  Even though these are public documents this topic has never hit the media before.   What could be meant by this wording?   If Mr. Fitzpatrick had anything other than a professional relationship with Ms Derouchie  wouldn’t it be gross conflict of interest?

In the NHL recently two GM’s fired their coach essentially blaming him for the teams poor record.  With the Shay case alone most likely costing the city well more than the reported legal costs as well as other cases past and pending as well as the questions revolving Ms Derochie leaving the employment of the city of Cornwall doesn’t it make sense to change the coach?

How many of these secret and unannounced meetings have occurred and why?  Is something being covered up?  Do the citizens of Cornwall have a right to know as they pay the freight for the decisions of council?  Ms Derouchie’s reported 2010 salary was $116,427. 91.     Why would the City of Cornwall give her one, two, or more years salary if she resigned?

Bottom line is what went on for nearly four hours on a Wednesday night in Council Chamber and why be so Spy vs Spy?   Should council be responsible for nearly a million dollars and counting of lost money because of  management behavior that perhaps is not “best practice” ?   At what point does the mayor have to let his CAO go and how much will that cost Cornwall taxpayers?

We’ll be updating this story as more news becomes available.  If you have any info to add email us at or call our hotline at 613 361 1755

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  1. Well Jamie if nothing else ya got Moxy!!

    Here is something on the topic you make like to read,

    A question as well, why do you think this meeting has anything to do with all the human resources issues?

    Could it be a huge company is moving here, but they cannot let all details out yet? Is there a break in the hospital upgrades something bigger and better??

    Don’t always assume the nonsense and you may be in better standing with these people. In the end when their true colors of lunacy come out then nail their gluteus maximus (I hope Sid approves of this word) to the wall.

    I did have a huge laugh at the discussion with Bob Kilger, the procedures he had in the House of Commons *lol* what kind of procedures does a back bencher have. Run to the end of the leash and bark.

  2. If the “coach” did screw up then by all means FIRE HIM! If there was any inappropriate stuff going on between Fitz and Donna that was most certainly a GROSS conflict of interest! Off with his head! Please stop paying out our money to protect these sleazeballs!

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