NHL Teams that fire their head coaches 0-2 – Ovie still not Ovie. Bobby Ryan to be traded or will Anaheim fire their coach too? November 30, 2011

CFN – So far the firing the coach in favor of the primadonna Hockey star hasn’t worked out terribly well.  Game one for coaches Hunter and Muller resulted in losses and in Anaheim rumors are running amok at Bobby Ryan being moved or……a firing of the coach.

Washington has gone from first in the Eastern Conference to tenth.  Carolina is a work in progress is second to last which gives Kirk Muller; one of the good guys in the league a chance to cut his teeth in the big show as a head coach.

It looks like a few other teams will be hoping that a coaching shuffle will recalibrate them and this day of parity it might work for some.

The Habs have a few new wrinkles tonight in Sunny Californa;   Andrei Markov makes his return from catastrophic knee surgery and Louis Leblanc gets a  three game stint while Max Pacioretty serves his three game suspension.

Speaking of which if that call is a 3 game no no we may as well turn off the NHL.   Shame on Brendan Shanahan for such a horrible call. Max didn’t leave his skates.  He didn’t target Letang’s head.  He has no nasty rep, and the puck was in play.   If you’re going to take away fighting and hitting you may as well watch girl’s volleyball.

This call will hurt hockey.    Nobody wants to see anyone hurt, but the precedents you create in cracking down creates a slippery slope if not done fairly.   And three games for that situation is not a good precedent.

What do you think Hockey fans?  You can post your comments below.

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