Tax Man Cometh – Grinch Time in Ontario for Low Income Canadians as Tax Credit impacts thousands during the Holidays – December 2, 2011

CFN – If you’re on a fixed income or low wage earner in Ontario you’ll be singing the blues this holiday season; especially if you are one of those that use tax discounters to file your yearly taxes.

The governments have changed the way that residents can get their tax credits for the Ontario Energy and Property tax credits.   It will impact how much money people get back when they poor need it most; at the holidays.

I spoke with Kevin Bradshaw from Cornwall Accounting and Tax Consulting ( 613 937 3347 ) who shared that the tax credits are being broken into quarterly payments only starting in July.

The government now doesn’t have to release millions of dollars of cash at one time and spreads the costs while impacting those that can least afford it.

The impact on business will also be painful as many depend on holiday sales to make or break their years as well as entertainment industries.

Is this going to hurt your Christmas?  You can post your comments below.     And if you’re a retailer please email us at if you wish to be interviewed for the update on this story.

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  1. On the other hand, if it helps people to resist spending money they need to live, on crap during the shopping-season (Christmas) it just might be a good thing. People get sucked into the December shopping madness whether they can afford it or not. I’ve managed to enjoy guilt-free and stress-free Christmas BS for the last ten years or so, by not having a TV, and staying away from shopping malls for the month of December. Now, if we could only rid the radio stations of the crappy music.

  2. Author

    That’s kinda funny Tom…

  3. Yeah, since Christmas has degenerated into a mindless orgy of shopping and six weeks of the same old irritating music, I’d gladly steal it if I could. Bah…Humbug!!!

  4. Heard Jingle-Hell Rock for the first time this year on CBC Radio Noon a few hours ago! Can’t even listen to our national public broadcaster without being bombarded with this crap! Grrrr. Come on January! You can’t get here soon enough.

  5. Author

    That’s the blessing of internet radio – no holiday music! Maybe that’s why Corus Cornwall’s numbers took such a hit this latest BBM book?

  6. That’s true Jamie. There’s no shortage of good stuff to watch or listen to on the net. I found some hilarious stuff on You Tube last week.
    It doesn’t get any better than this.

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