Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – The Circle of Life – Transition Cornwall Presentation by Mike Nickerson – December 4, 2011

CFN –Somewhere over the Rainbow, the waters run clean, the air is crisp and bright.  There is room to run, laugh and be an individual.  Plenty of food and shelter for all.  Room for every man and creature to sustain themselves and their offspring.  There is love and respect for one another.Isn’t there a code that guides our journey in life with our community, family and friends?  Doesn’t it specify that whatever service or product we provide or activity we engage in, it is to be done with respect for our community and safety to all habitats and life forms?  We live in the circle of life.  Our respect to each life in the circle ultimately benefits us and all future generations.I had the privilege of listening to a presentation by Mr. Mike Nickerson this past week courtesy of Transition Cornwall +.  Mr. Nickerson’s message was basically that it is time as a mature populace that we look at things in a realistic different manner should we wish to continue to live and prosper.  According to Nickerson we are at the peek population that this world can sustain.  We cannot continue to grow and strip resources from the Earth like there is a limitless supply.  Supplies are limited folks.  Resources need time to regenerate.  We need to think of Earth as a spaceship.  A spaceship supports a limited population.  A ship demands that we live with the byproducts of our daily lives.  A spaceship requires mutual respect, sharing and consideration to maintain a healthy environment for our lives and the lives of all future generations.

We have governments local and national which keep working and promoting economic development.  What about economic sustainability.  The spaceship is full; people, habitats and species are feeling the walls moving in on them.  Populations and habitats are dying because there is no more room at the Inn.  The cupboard is bare.

What is a person to do?  I’m not sure however I am reading Mr. Nickerson’s latest offering; Life, Money and Illusion, Living on Earth as if we want to stay. and look forward to sharing some of that information with you as I read through the material.  I do know that one of the simplest challenging (because it is both) things we can do is, refuse to use or purchase items that cannot be recycled or reused.  Things like Styrofoam and plastic film.  I know this was discussed last week folks however it does bear repeating with the upcoming busy buying season upon us, that according to research Styrofoam takes about 500 years to breakdown, plastic film is not recycled here and we have a major clog of plastic in the middle of the pacific ocean adversely affecting our ocean (google Pacific Ocean garbage patch for information) and respective wildlife.  Is this acceptable to you?

What can one do?  Provide businesses with incentive to provide earth and community respectful products and services.  How?  Let them know that it is totally irresponsible to release products into the environment that are detrimental to life forms and their habitats. Let them know that continuing to use plastic film, Styrofoam, and containers that might include several different types of material (such as a coffee container that my husband recently purchased which included paper, plastic and metal in one container) is totally unacceptable and irresponsible.  How is one to recycle such a container?  Let them know, that earth responsible packaging is what is absolutely necessary for you to continue to use or purchase their product again.  Also encourage your local, provincial and national governments to introduce legislation which insists that businesses use earth responsible packaging…period.  I would like to use Canada’s Prime Minister’s words in response to this by saying, Mr. Harper this is “a no brainer”.

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