The Cornwall Free News Photo of the Day – John Lester of J.L. Computers Guess the Location of this Waterfall Challenge! December 4, 2011


CFN –  John Lester of JL Computers submitted this picture of a waterfall in SD&G asking the question:  “Can you guess where this is?”   Please post your guess below and if you wish to submit your photo or video of the day email us at  –  You don’t have to live in Cornwall to submit.  If you’re reading this anywhere in the world you can share your vision with our viewers!

JL Computers

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  1. I’m pretty sure that is beneath the waterfront trail (bike path) bridge just east of Upper Canada Village, separating two bodies of water. The body of water to the east butts up against Ault Island Road, while the water on the left passes beneath Hwy 2 and borders a golf course. The body of water eventually joins the St. Lawrence.

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