The Cornwall Free News Announces its new User Comment Policy – PROFANITY WARNING – December 6, 2011

The Cornwall Free News Announces its new User Comment Policy – PROFANITY WARNING – December 6, 2011

CFN –  Wow we had a ton of feedback on our story about Online Anonymity and our future policy regarding comments here on CFN.   It’s been interesting and I think will help our evolution and growth.

With nearly 14,000 comments in three years I personally see the impact both positive and negative that your words can have, and the integral part that you, our valued viewers, have on the success of CFN.

The thing about public posts whether here or on facebook, or websites is that we all aren’t professional writers.    And of course what offends some doesn’t offend others.

My goal has always been for us to create a platform that we can share with people who might not have a platform to voice what’s important to them.     I think that’s important.

With that being said I’m proud after consulting with many of you to present our new comment policy for the Cornwall Free News.

Online Anonymity.  

That’s staying.   It’s a canard and as emotional as it is for some we are going to support the reason why some people have to post anonymously.   It’s important that certain voices not be dimmed and the sad reality is that we live in a world where whistle blowers and their families suffer immensely.    We live in a world where what you say can be used against you outside of a court of law.

That being said this isn’t about freedom of speech.  This is about informing and entertaining the public and with that being said we’re not here to smear people or hurt them.





the act of passing judgment as to the merits of anything.

the act of passing severe judgment; censure; faultfinding.

the act or art of analyzing and evaluating or judging thequality of a literary or artistic work, musical performance, artexhibit, dramatic production, etc.

a critical comment, article, or essay; critique.

any of various methods of studying texts or documents forthe purpose of dating or reconstructing them, evaluatingtheir authenticity, analyzing their content or style, etc.:historical criticism; literary criticism.
Now there’s a huge difference between criticism, which we allow, and viscous personal attacks which we don’t, and never have although yes, a few slipped through.   There’s nothing wrong with saying that you think taxes are too high and if only they’d stop buying $700 office chairs at City Hall you could afford a new car in 15 years.   It’s quite another to spout unfounded slurs against people. (none of that here)
Vulgarity.   That’s a no no too for the most part.   Obscenity.   Nope; not here.   Revealing detailed personal info.  Nope.  The incitement of violence or hatred.  That’s against the law people.
Going off topic.  That’s my big pet peeve personally.   Stay on topic.  If you want a topic to be discussed send in a Letter to Editor  to  You see that’s where I think people get into trouble. Debate the topic, not the person posting it.     At the end of the day that only turns off viewers and that’s not good for anyone.   This is CFN.  It’s not Parliament!
I think that 99.99% of our posts and users get this and don’t even need a policy.
Of course this is part of our and the internet’s growth curve.  We’ll always be open to hear your suggestions and comments and we will be adapting and improving our policies as time goes by.    Please note that we also will be issuing warnings and alerts for stories where profanity or certain content is present.
CFN will continue to pre-moderate posts prior to releasing them on the public; something that we’ve done from day one.  That’s something that doesn’t happen at most media sites.
And that costs money so please support our many sponsors and show them the love that they truly deserve.
After all our goal is to share words.  Words are powerful.  They mean things.  They paint pictures and change our lives.   Your words are as important as any I can write.  Your words help make CFN what it is today and I thank all of you who have shared your voices.
If you have any comments please leave them below, and if you really want to show your support for CFN, no matter where you live or what you believe,  please leave a comment in this story and share what you feel about this whole process.
Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News
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