Letter to the Editor from Corneliu Kirjan – Who does Jim McDonell work for? December 8, 2011

SD&SG PC MP Jim McDonell during election


In difficult economic times, governments make efforts to implement programs that meet the needs of the population while allowing for economic recovery.  In 2009, the Federal Conservative government implemented such a program to encourage renovation and boost the economy, and the results were conclusive since some 380,000 people have benefitted.

The Liberal Government of Ontario is proposing to implement a program that would allow seniors to make renovations to their homes to adapt them to their needs and thus improve their quality of life. The program provides a tax credit of $1,500. It will allow seniors to stay longer in their homes rather than in hospitals or nursing homes. In addition to improving the quality of life for seniors, the program will create jobs in construction and reduce costs for health care.

But Bill 2, Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit Act, is opposed by the ideological Conservatives. Jim McDonell, who was elected to represent the interests of the people of SDSG, including seniors, has chosen to defend the interests of his party which, for ideological reasons, opposes the Bill. I would like to remind our MPP that his salary of more than $100 000 and all the other expenses associated with his function are paid by taxpayers and not by the Conservative Party. He must respect the moral contract that in a democracy binds elected people to their constituency not to their party.  Many of his senior constituents are looking forward to the passage of this Bill that would allow them to improve their quality of life.

Given that he’s newly elected, I would like to inform him that there is already a long list of programs for seniors, such as a tax relief for seniors to help them with energy costs ($1,025 a year), a permanent sales tax credit (up to $260 for every senior), a property tax credit ($500 a year), 10% off electricity bills and so on.

Is Jim McDonell in the Legislative Assembly to defend our interests or to defend the ideology of the Conservative Party to the detriment of those who elected him? We will see that when he votes.

Corneliu Kirjan – Cornwall Ontario
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  1. I’m afraid that at both the federal and provincial level, only the con-cons are represented here. The constituents don’t count any more.

  2. You mean only in it for themselves, Reg? Too true, I fear.

  3. Jim McDonell takes his orders from Tim Hudak, doesn’t he?

  4. PJR, I mean they only feel responsible to their party. They do what they are told by the party bosses, without consideration of their constituents.

  5. Got it, Reg. The doctrine of Generalissimo Harper.

  6. How many seniors will this really help? A wage freeze and cutting back on few programs to reduce tax rates may help more.
    Maybe once you hit 65, you can stop paying school tax, blend in the rates like the health tax grab, would that not help more?

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