Judy Rose of Cornwall Ontario Not Happy With Dangerous Drivers in Cornwall Ontario – December 15, 2011

I would like to draw your attention to the inconsiderate behaviors of the drivers of this city. You all know who you are. Why are the rules of the road not being obeyed ? And, where are the police when this is happening? When approaching a crosswalk when someone is waiting to cross the street, the driver must slow down and allow the pedestrian to cross. Did you not learn this when studying for your driving test?  Go back and check your driver’s handbook. I am pretty sure it states that the pedestrian has the right of way.
Every time I stop at a cross walk to allow the person to pass, the ignoramus who is behind me leans on his horn, clearly upset that I have stopped. Some have even driven around me in anger. This happens at the crosswalk at Central Public School, at the corner of 3rd and Sydney, and at other crosswalks throughout the city. The flashing light indicates the person’s intent to cross the street. Some day, there is going to be a death at the hands of the inconsiderate driver who ignores the rules of the road.
Also, yellow traffic lights do not mean speed up and get through the light. It means to stop, the light is about to change red. How can we teach our children to obey the rules of the road, when the adults are clearly making up their own rules?
In addition, drivers are still talking on their cell phones while driving. Where are the police and when are they going to enforce this law? Maybe some heavy fines will teach drivers to drive with more caution. And don’t get me started on parking lots!
Judy Rose, RECE   – Cornwall Ontario

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  1. Seems to me some people like to complain. Take a look around, look for something positive. take time to smell the roses

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